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How You Get to be Comfy with Sin without Noticing It

It can happen to anyone. It happened to Kings Saul and David. They were in sin without realizing it at first. Saul thought God was on his side as he pursued David, intending to kill him. David also was madly devising plans how to get rid of Uriah to have Bathsheba for himself. They both became comfy with their lives, confident of their achievements and positions, not seeing how they gradually drifted spiritually from God.
Land of Slavery Can Look Like Paradise
Sin is like that. Like the devil, it deceives. Paul said sin can seize the opportunity that the law affords and deceives believers [Rom7.11]. Sin can device strategies so you fall without noticing it. It is alive and plans spiritual disasters for the church. It dies when it is unmasked, brought into the light, and melts in the exposure. We need light to see how sin is deceiving us. Church achievements and busyness can blind us into believing we’re doing okay with God even if we are harboring secret sins in our hearts.
The Israelites saw Egypt like a paradise even when Pharaoh was inflicting all sorts of cruelty on them. When they escaped with Moses to the wilderness, the spices, fish, and meats of Egypt were still in their hearts. Such slave mentality can lead to rebellion. We have to see how we are still slaves in the land of our slavery before we can really get out of it.
I’ve seen how church ministry can serve to lure us and make us oblivious to what’s really happening to us. Church achievements, recognition, awards, positions, and titles can give us a feeling of spirituality. Audience applause to our stage performance can make us feel in good standing with God. We forget about the monsters growing in our hearts; the pride and arrogance building up, the selfish ambition, the vainglory or hunger for recognition, the rottenness, malice, covetousness and greed, jealousy and envy, the backbites and insubordination. I’ve seen how some good performers on the church stage become increasingly spoiled brats and no one’s rescuing them from their land of slavery.
This Isn’t the Place for You!
The Israelites needed someone to tell them squarely, “This is not the place for you!” Of course, they didn’t like the idea of abandoning everything they had worked hard for, their investments and achievements. On top of everything, Pharaoh wouldn’t let them—he’d be left with no slaves to do his will. Today, Christians still in the land of their slavery worry about the same things. They don’t want to leave. They fear what other church people would say.
In the book I wrote, “Leaving the Land of Slavery,” I laid out Kingdom principles on how to break the spell that blinds minds and hearts from seeing their land of slavery. Without seeing yourself in it, you won’t be able to escape it. It’s like a person who broke out of his small prison only to be in a larger prison that encases the small prison, and which he cannot see.
Book on Leaving the Land of Slavery
This book shares many spiritual insights and principles mostly unheard of in Christendom but which are powerful in breaking open your eyes to see how you can get out of your land of slavery, all in 130 plus pages. It’s only P100 per e-book. To buy, email your intent to so I can email you my bank account or paypal email. Then, I’ll email you the e-book Leaving the Land of Slavery. You’ll also get your copy of FREE God’s Flesh Newsletters regularly.

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