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If MY People, Not the People or Government

With the devastation by typhoon Yolanda of central Visayas in the Philippines, and the prophecy from India that another super typhoon may again hit the country in April, popular church leaders urge the stop of corruption in government. People should repent of wickedness, especially those in government, they stress, and then quote or sing, "If my people who are called by my name.." in 2 Chronicles 7.14.

Well, they're reading it wrong. First, in the passage above, God urges HIS people, not the people in general nor the government. The term My people are people of the covenant. So, in Chronicles, it applied to the whole nation of Israel, which was God's chosen, especially its government. But we cannot say the same of the Philippines, or of other nations, even the US. All people in the Philippines and people in government [and especially a people soaked in centuries of an idolatrous religion] cannot be called My people.

My people are genuine born again Christians alone. They're the ones God wants to "humble themselves and turn from their wicked ways," not the entire populace and especially not the government, no matter how terribly corrupt it is. Because government will only heed God's call to repentance after the church does. It is the church, His people, that should genuinely repent first. I hope the popular church leaders talking on TV about government corruption, saying such wickedness is the cause of the woes happening to us today, know this.

First and Serious Count of Church Corruption

You may ask, what deadly sin is the church guilty of that God wants it to repent from? Church denominationalism. It robs God of His church. Particularly, it robs God of his tithes and offerings and people that should all be used to build His Kingdom on earth, not denominational empires. It is NEVER God's will that there should be denominations in His church, each with a different doctrine conflicting with each other, though all are bible-based. As it is, for so many years, God's money has been used to build these church empires, not His. And to build these empires, they use God's Word to fool people and get their tithes and offerings and supports. They've been stealing God's money to amass properties for their own name.

Church denominationalism steals from God and undermines the true glorious church of Jesus Christ, which is without spot or wrinkle or any blemish, having one doctrine and being perfectly one, just as the Father and Son are one, said Jesus. But it won't be long till God destroys everything man-made to give way to His glorious church and end corruption.

To turn from this wickedness, all genuine born again Christian churches should totally give up [and demolish] their denominations--their titles, positions, and trophies there--and especially their money, properties, and material possessions, just as Christ, their Lord, didn't have these things while he did the ministry on earth, and yet possessed everything.

The Acts church didn't have properties and material possessions the way denominations today do, and the money they had were all used solely to build God's denominationless glorious church. In fact, the church then had no name and was not government registered, because it was not an organization or corporation. It was God's family. You don't register your family with the SEC and get a president and chairman and a trustee committee to run it.

To make this total repentance to happen takes genuine humility. Thus, If my people...shall humble themselves and turn from their wickedness and pray. To turn from such wickedness takes genuine Jesus-meekness. Jesus emptied himself and took the form of a slave. Such self-effacement is what we need today in the Philippines. This country is destined to be used by God powerfully in the last days for a mighty and genuine global revival, starting in Southeast Asia, but the church here should first be demolished and should totally repent. Then it becomes pure for God's use. Don't point your fingers on nonbelievers or the government.

Church, it is you who need to repent! Then and only then will our prayers really count to God and stop catastrophes and produce miraculous evangelism that genuinely saves [not just denominational recruitment], supernatural things our eyes have never seen before!

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