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They All Call It Easter

Though nowhere in Scriptures can you find the word "Easter" or see the practice in the Acts church, Christians today still call it that--Easter Sunday. They don't mind if it has pagan origins--they just call Jesus' resurrection Easter because the world does. They settle with anything popular. That's how unthinking Christianity is today. They just go with the trend in the world.

And neither can I figure out how Easter eggs and bunnies connect with Jesus' resurrection. After suffering terribly to pay the penalty for our sins, Jesus finds churches today equating what he did to eggs and rabbits and naming it with something pagan--and they're not bothered one bit. I can't understand why they can't get rid of the easter thing and just officially call it Jesus' Resurrection Sunday.

It's no different calling it Witchcraft Sunday, then. Easter is clearly pagan and is said to be derived from Ishtar, a celebration of the supposed resurrection of a S…