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They All Call It Easter

Though nowhere in Scriptures can you find the word "Easter" or see the practice in the Acts church, Christians today still call it that--Easter Sunday. They don't mind if it has pagan origins--they just call Jesus' resurrection Easter because the world does. They settle with anything popular. That's how unthinking Christianity is today. They just go with the trend in the world.

And neither can I figure out how Easter eggs and bunnies connect with Jesus' resurrection. After suffering terribly to pay the penalty for our sins, Jesus finds churches today equating what he did to eggs and rabbits and naming it with something pagan--and they're not bothered one bit. I can't understand why they can't get rid of the easter thing and just officially call it Jesus' Resurrection Sunday.

It's no different calling it Witchcraft Sunday, then. Easter is clearly pagan and is said to be derived from Ishtar, a celebration of the supposed resurrection of a Sumerian god called Tammuz who was said to have been impaled on a cross or a stake. So it has a cult origin. Cult and witchcraft, is there any difference? God abhors both. So, if they don't find anything wrong naming Jesus' resurrection easter, they would also find nothing wrong if it were called Witchcraft Sunday. They probably wouldn't mind and would laugh if you protested and took this seriously.

They'd insist that trifling things like this is too minor to be given any serious thought. It's just a name. It's a waste of time, they'd add. What's important anyway is what makes church membership grow. I know church workers whose only concern is how to grow their membership--even through worldly ways. But growth grounded on paganistic Christianity is really nothing but garbage--no matter how huge or mega the membership is and no matter how successful it is in "spreading the Gospel." A small, trivial thing like calling Jesus' resurrection easter can terribly spoil everything as small amount of yeast livens up the whole batch of dough.

It's ridiculous to see "Christian" churches seriously keeping the egg and rabbit tradition year after year, making it legit by painting bible verses on them. This even if they can't connect any of it to the Gospel. Seeming small things like this are major issues to serious believers and question them because they know how God is particular about mixing pagan practices with his sacred ways. To those ignorant of the Lord, these are trifling issues not worth taking seriously. But to us who know God, they mean life or death because they invite God's wrath. And what meaning would there be in any church growth founded on a pagan Christ?

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