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Don't Get Born Again Just Because You Fear Hell

Most preachers preach on being born again as an antidote to hell so sinners can still enjoy their usual sinful lives after "accepting" Christ. This supposedly spares them from hell and assures them of heaven. That's why the term "saved sinners" has become popular.

Churches today are manned by them and laugh at theidea of being saved saints instead. No such thing as saved saints, or those who have repented totally of sins and live in them no longer. They hate the idea and insist nothing can be possible except being saved sinners. No one is perfect and salvation doesn't make you one either, they add.

So they've been preaching like that and people naturally like it--getting saved and still retaining the world, too. You don't have to lose anything. It's like asking people, "Who wants to get $1 million?" Of course, they'd all grab the challenge like crazy. Getting "saved" like that is so much fun and it's been easy buildin…