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Leaving the Land of Slavery: EBook on Genuine Revival and the Glorious Church

Finally, the book "Leaving the Land of Slavery" is out for sale online in e-book form. It is about God's formula in the bible on genuine church revival and how the glorious church of Jesus Christ--which is without spot or wrinkle--should be started and operated to build God's Kingdom on earth.

To be sure it is radical and contains nothing of the usual. It depicts what churches are today--all man and nothing of God--and how God's genuine church in Christ is yet to be manifested to all since world history began.

Fact is, since man took over church from Acts, we have not yet allowed God's Word and principles to build his church on earth. Everything has been of man and how he adulterated the Word of God to suit his designs, building his own empires, which are the denominations.

But in these last days, God is going to restore everything back to his will, Word, and ways. "Heaven must receive him until the time comes for God to restore everything, as he promis…

Music is the Life of the Church?

I was typing an article while my dear wife was listening to a Christian radio program when the guest said over the radio how music is the life of the church, or something to that effect. He discussed how church should zero in more on music today because God's presence is already felt strongly through music to touch people's lives even before actual church service begins. 
We're not just criticizing what church people do here--we believe that faithfulness to God's Word and ways is better than what we think we accomplish in church and in our ministries. 
To many church people, "worship" is singing and music. That has been the wrong notion going around for decades now, even centuries perhaps. We think that good church music (and what we mean by "good" is music that "touches" us and makes us cry and go to the altar) is a major part of worship, if not being worship itself. So we see church musicians and worship teams and choir members practicing …