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Leaving the Land of Slavery: EBook on Genuine Revival and the Glorious Church
Finally, the book "Leaving the Land of Slavery" is out for sale online in e-book form. It is about God's formula in the bible on genuine church revival and how the glorious church of Jesus Christ--which is without spot or wrinkle--should be started and operated to build God's Kingdom on earth.

To be sure it is radical and contains nothing of the usual. It depicts what churches are today--all man and nothing of God--and how God's genuine church in Christ is yet to be manifested to all since world history began.

Fact is, since man took over church from Acts, we have not yet allowed God's Word and principles to build his church on earth. Everything has been of man and how he adulterated the Word of God to suit his designs, building his own empires, which are the denominations.

But in these last days, God is going to restore everything back to his will, Word, and ways. "Heaven must receive him until the time comes for God to restore everything, as he promised long ago through his holy prophets," [Acts 3.21]. Everything church denominations took out of the Word--signs and wonders, spiritual gifts, true holiness, Holy Spirit power, glorious church without spot or wrinkle or any blemish, perfection, one body of Christ, one true church, and even God's Word itself--will be fully restored by God before Jesus comes back. This is so exciting!

Church revival at best today is man's program to promote his denomination. It's not about seeking God and his will--it's seeking how to further strengthen their church denominations and promote them so they can up the membership and "church income." The apt term is empire revival. I've seen all the gimmicks they do to have a semblance of "revival"--they orchestrate testimonies,  award members to encourage them, do artificial worship and choir singing, and the like. Everything is programmed. Nothing is genuinely the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. 

We have heard of "great" revivals which were all denominational in nature, but they are nothing compared to what God will do in these last days when finally he will demolish all hindrances to the "complete unity" of all believers Jesus prayed for in John 17, including the complete unity of all apostles, prophets, and evangelists of modern times worldwide. As it is today, everyone tends to form his or her own denomination eventually, even so-called apostolic and prophetic ministries.

Leaving the Land of Slavery is an eye-opener to what God is planning and is starting to do in these last days. Click on the image below to buy.

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