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Vision of the Modern Acts Church in the Last Days

The Acts church at its best--we will witness this phenomenon in the Last Days before Jesus Christ comes back. The Acts church culture was obliterated by men's denominational churches but God will restore everything as he promised through the prophets [Acts 3.21]. 
The modern Acts church will not ostensibly display power like mega churches do. In fact, they will meet in small, simple, quiet groups--in quiet homes, rooms, street corners, garages, home rooftops, or cafes--but they are power houses nonetheless, shrouded in seeming weakness--because power is made perfect in weakness. This house churches are powerfully networked together to the Head, but under no denomination or formal alliances. In fact, it will be simply known as a movement (God's present move) of the Holy Spirit whose leaders are not publicly visible. No one personality will be popular here, save Jesus Christ.
Look at how they start a "crusade" or "conference." It's not as the world does …

The Fierce Spiritual Battle is On

Actually, all the end-time scenarios we read in the bible, particularly the prophesies in Daniel, the Gospel, and Revelations, are now starting--especially the great spiritual battle worldwide where Satan aims to launch full-swing deception, even against the elect, if it were possible. 
It seems that what most believers are waiting for is some kind of an official announcement that "the battle is now about to start, so get ready." They wait for the anti-Christ to appear and rule the world and the 666 mark to start being imposed--unaware that all these have started to happen already, though not full blast yet. 
Here's what I mean. The anti-Christ is already operating in the halls of power in both secular governments and in churches worldwide. If you have spiritual eyes to see, you will easily see this. And the mark 666 is already in operation--though not literally. You see, 666 is man's number. God created man on the 6th day. So, it means man will rule in the last day…