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The Most Modern, Hi-Tech and Updated Church I've Ever Seen
I also like to title this article, "How a Church Becomes Obsolete" or "How a Church Becomes Useless."

Most church people do not understand that Jesus' ministry---what he did in the bible---is the model. It is the highest and most superior. It is most advanced.

Some ministers think that we ought to improve on what Jesus did. They think that Jesus' ministry was too simplistic, so they need to do something better, something more sophisticated, yet make Jesus' ministry its "foundation."

Actually, it should be the reverse---all our ministries today should veer towards having the form and essence of Jesus' ministry. Our ministries should gradually transform or metamorphose into a Jesus' ministry.

So, you'll easily see how our ministries should get rid of a lot of non-essentials---buildings, programs, aimless activities, entertainment, gimmicks, titles and degrees, seminary, bible school, concerts, elections, parliamentary procedures, and all that garbage.

The simpler things are, the closer we get to Jesus' ministry. Just stick to what Jesus did and what God says in His WORD.

Study thoroughly the Gospels plus the Old Testament (because Christ is the end of the law) and the rest of the New Testament. See how Jesus and the apostles and prophets and patriarchs did ministry. Everything was simple yet powerfully supernatural. Simple yet modern, hi-tech and updated in Kingdom technology. The best in the eyes of God.

We all have to develop into that, from glory to glory.

Thus, the more modern, hi-tech and updated your church is in the eyes of the world, the more backward it is in the Kingdom of God. If the world likes your church and feels comfy in it, you are becoming obsolete and useless in the Spirit realms.

There's nothing wrong with the use of modern technology and conveniences found in the world. The thing is, if the world becomes comfy with your church, it is failing big-time. And often, the world gets comfy with modern conveniences that technology affords. It very seldom gets comfy with the spiritual and supernatural of God.

Thus, the danger of becoming dependent on technology. If I were you, I'd rely on God's technology---everything spiritual and supernatural. That's how Jesus did it. And Jesus is supreme, the most high God.

A progressive church in the Spirit realms is one that just meets as a family in a home or garage or park or somewhere comfy for family bonding. A home is usually the ideal setting, like the house churches in Acts. Progressive believers never bother with church buildings or facilities or equipment. All they need is probably a guitar to worship God or perhaps their hands to clap and tap on their laps.

People think churches should always have a cross displayed outside and inside. That's just a carry-over tradition that has no bible basis. In fact, that tradition comes from an idolatrous church. Church is where you gather for Jesus, much better without displaying a cross or any religious symbol.

What if church grows big? Then you need to use the parks often, meet along the seashore or hillsides or break up into small groups. Conferences are good but not necessary. Small groups can actually accomplish more.

Progressive believers don't need to practice singing on Saturdays to make their voices blend well. They just sing and make music in their hearts to the Lord. They know that purity of heart and being filled with the Word and the Holy Spirit is what make singing beautiful in God's hearing, not the perfect blending of voices or playing of instruments.

To God, it's always life and character quality, not expertise.

"...offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and acceptable to God which is your spiritual worship."

An updated church is a family---God's family---with a father and mother, brothers, sisters, and elders. The fathers and mothers act as pastors and elders can act as teachers. Some among the brethren can be evangelists while the one who started it all may act as apostle or prophet---all according to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

It's either you are a disciple (part of the family) or a visitor or friend. No one is a church member. Some churches are funny---they have full-time members, associate members and inactive members. Sounds like the Rotary or Lions Club. The bible never mentions of them.

God's true church is run by apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers, according to Ephesians. It doesn't have to be an organization where there are boards of trustees, presidents, chairmen and directors, manuals, mission-vision, constitution. etc. That's a corporate setting, not a church. Church is family, not a company. If your church sounds like a corporation, it's backward in the Spirit realms.

Jesus is not a CEO. Jesus is Lord.

If you keep things simple and stick with Jesus and the Gospel, you'll never go wrong.

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