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Seed that Fell Along the Path: Understanding that Can't Get Past Human Theology
Jesus said, the seed that fell along the path was eaten by birds, and "birds" symbolized the devil here. The exact meaning was thus explained:

The seed that fell on the footpath represents those who hear the message about the Kingdom and don’t understand it. Then the evil one comes and snatches away the seed that was planted in their hearts. [Matthew 13]
The "message about the Kingdom" is quite different from the regular bible studies and Sunday sermons that go on in denominational churches. 

This Kingdom message turns you into a Kingdom person concerned solely about the Kingdom of God on earth. Bible studies and Sunday sermons in denominational churches use the bible to turn folks into denominational people who know only about their denomination and nothing about the Kingdom.

Something like this:

But if you don’t believe me when I tell you about earthly things, how can you possibly believe if I tell you about heavenly things? [John 3.12]

Denominational people can't even get Jesus' teachings on earthly things. They debate about it and build their doctrines around it, using their human theology, keeping them separated by their differing doctrines. 

The more they will get confused if they hear Jesus' heavenly teachings.

Each time the message of the Kingdom on "earthly things" is preached, denominational people don't understand it. The devil grabs the "seed" so that what they get are stuff good only for human theology to discuss. And then they make their denominational doctrines out of that.

Their understanding of the spoken Word can't get past human theology. Human theology serves as a ceiling of limitation so that you fail to reach third-heaven revelation from God. Third-heaven revelation is what makes you abhor anything of the world and of Satan, and allows you insight into the real power of the cross. "My power is made perfect in weakness," God revealed to Paul in one third-heaven revelation.

If you still find the world attractive and living the simple life of Jesus unattractive, you lack third-heaven revelation.

The seed---the message of the Kingdom---radically changes you to live out the very LIFE of Jesus if the seed stays and grows in your heart. It gives you the mind and heart of Jesus---in fact, his very DNA. 

You begin to desire only what Jesus desires. You become concerned only about the glorious church of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God on earth. You realize that denominational church and the glorious church of Jesus Christ are two completely different and separate things. They're not the same. You begin to see that denominational churches and doctrines are merely the invention of men.

The Message of Denominational Churches

Denominational churches share the words in the bible, not to build the Kingdom of God, but to build their own denominations---their little empires. They design their messages to keep people locked into their denominational mindset and culture. People begin to think of the "church" that the bible talks about as their denominations, and their denominations as the "church" in the bible. Worse, not being part of their denominations means not being part of God's universal "church." They have no intention of completely uniting with other churches of different denominations.

The Message of the Kingdom

God designed the message of the Kingdom to build Christ and his Kingdom in you. Actually, four things begin to be built into you: the Jesus LIFE, character, power and ministry. These are all encapsulated in the spoken Word of God in the bible (the message of the Kingdom). 

The seed---message of the Kingdom---also puts and develops in you a powerful appetite for the spoken Word of God that you begin to have the natural desire to master and live it out daily. In other words, to "give flesh" to the Word of God in your body. Thus, be God's flesh on earth. 

You also genuinely desire the complete unity of all believers in Christ worldwide (Jesus' prayer in John 17)---so you won't let yourself be part of any denomination, but only the glorious and universal church of Jesus Christ---and seriously pursue being poor in spirit [Matthew 5] and giving up everything you have [Luke 14.33]---including your denomination. 

You seriously pursue the other teachings of Christ and the bible, as well.

These are the signs that follow a person who receives the seed and bears fruit---30, 60 or a hundred fold "what was sown." And what was sown? The Word of God.

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