Monday, August 30, 2010

Micah: Justice and Judgment

Micah spoke with the leaders and rulers of Israel (Micah 3.1). Some versions render it both “leaders” but leaders and rulers is interesting. Even in churches today, there are leaders and rulers.

Church leaders, like pastors, are supposed to lead the church. God-called and God-anointed leaders in the bible led God’s people. God talked to them, not to the people. The people were supposed to obey them to the letter. They were not supposed to question or dictate to them. Whenever people rebelled against God’s leaders God saw it as rebellion against Him.

But church leaders today are often mere dummies because there are rulers in church who really call the shots. These are influential and moneyed people who donate and give big tithes and offerings. When they don’t get their way in church they threaten the church leadership with withdrawal of support. And pastors fear them more than they fear God and submit to their every whim.

But one day, after they discover the present Move of God in their lives, rulers “will rule with justice” once their “king (pastor) reigns in righteousness” (Isa.32). When the church becomes God’s Flesh on earth.

Anyway, back to Micah, these leaders and rulers knew nothing about God’s justice. It’s garbage to be in leadership and yet know nothing about God’s justice. And many church leaders—pastors and their boards—are often ignorant of this.

You Skin My People Alive

When leaders do not know God’s justice, they skin God’s people alive (Micah 3.2). In fact, it’s impossible to work for God without knowing God’s justice—and it’s impossible to get saved, too. Jesus said he was sent by God, first of all, to “proclaim justice to the nations” (Matt. 12). The Gospel is not just Good News of salvation; it is equally Good News about God’s justice. And if you keep preaching the Good News without bringing both God’s salvation and justice, you “skin my people alive.” This preaching preaches rebellion.

No wonder God often sees His people skinned from head to feet. “From your feet to head there is no soundness. Only open sores, wounds, and welts, 
uncleaned and unbandaged, not even soothed with oil,” (Isa.1.6).

God’s Justice

God’s justice is vital to being God’s flesh on earth. It’s knowing good and evil. “Should you not know and hate evil and love good?” It’s about right and wrong. More precisely, it’s knowing and doing what God wants done in life and in the church. If you can’t tell what’s right from wrong, how can you preach salvation? And how can you get saved?

Just to give you an example, how can you preach on holiness and live in sin? Or, how can you preach on God’s plan and will if you’re denominational? God’s plan and will, said Jesus in John 17, is for all true believers to be completely united. Denominations have been preventing this from happening. Denominationalism is rebellion against God. Their differing doctrines keep the body dismembered.

Thus, if you preach about God’s will and plan and are denominational, you don’t know right from wrong. You do not preach God’s justice. You skin His people alive.

God’s Justice Means Judging

God’s justice means we judge—judge rightly between right and wrong, good and evil. If we don’t judge correctly we don’t have God’s justice. Without God’s justice and judgment the church is powerless and useless, like tasteless salt thrown on the street and walked over by people. 

Some will quip that we should not judge so as not to be judged. They miss what Jesus was saying here. He said we should not judge when we ourselves are guilty of sin. We first get rid of sin from our lives (taking out the plank of wood from our eyes), and then judge correctly (taking out the speck of dust from our brother’s eye).

“Her leaders judge for a bribe,” (Micah 3.11). This is what happens when influential rulers in church rule the leaders and the leaders refuse to judge right from wrong. When they preach they judge in favor of the rulers—they dread offending them because they might withdraw their financial support, or leave the church. They judge for a bribe.

You see that? If you don’t judge correctly, you are guilty of spiritual bribery in God’s eyes. Not only that, people in church bite each other. They tear each other’s skin, tear flesh from each other’s bones and break them, chop each other and eat each other (v.2-3).

Powerless Prayers, Preaching Divination

Lacking God’s justice also results to a powerless prayer life. No matter if your church do overnight or non-stop prayer meetings and wail and weep and beat their breasts, no answer will be given. “God will not answer them” (v.4).

Moreover, preaching will become mere divination (v.6). Imagine feeding your congregation each Sunday with nothing but divination. No wonder they chop and eat each other’s flesh.

When you claim to work for God, you cannot do away with God’s justice and judgment. You must judge correctly. We’ve got to put a stop to the proliferation of powerless churches.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Micah: Wine and Beer Pastors

They didn’t wanna sound negative. They wanted to cheer up people, cater to their entertainment proclivity. People just wanted happy messages that “blessed” them.

Micah was preaching about the coming doom and criticizing religious leaders’ errors and sins and the nation’s disgrace. Among negative things he bombarded them with was how the rulers and leaders of the house of Israel despised and distorted the truth (Micah 3.9). But the wine and beer pastors or prophets cautioned him: “Don’t prophesy about these things. No disgrace will overtake us.” (Micah 2.6).

If you wanna hear nothing but praises and positive things and encouragements, chances are, you have an entertainment proclivity or spirit. And you’re perhaps reflecting the kind of church you attend. Many churches today are nothing but entertainment centers. Poor showbiz copy cats. They are not prophetic temple courtyards of God where His Word, Will, Ways, and Warnings (judgments) are powerfully declared.  

I always see Christians who can’t stand criticism. Churches never want to talk about their problems and would rather pretend that the problems do not exist. If you mention about their problems they say you’re a gossip. I even see churches patching up band aid solutions to their problems and go on “worshiping” God. They feel good when you always praise them and say nothing but good things about them. When you do criticize, they make you out as the bad guy and they the good ones. Exactly what the false prophets were doing in Micah’s day.

Prophets Criticize

Genuine prophets criticize—or more precisely, declare God’s criticism. God criticizes and sometimes mocks anything not of Him. He specially enjoys satirizing man’s ways. He wants to make it clear that only His ways work. All others are trash. If your ways in church are not genuinely God’s ways, you have a major, major problem. Wine and beer pastors are those who defend people’s appetite for appreciation and encouragement in the face of gross error. You criticize their denomination and they think you’re the devil.

Demonic Criticism

Criticism inspired by evil is one that criticizes God’s ways and Word. It aims to preserve man’s ways. It’s to push forward self interests. It prophesies or preaches wine and beer so church people will “hire” them as their pastors. Jesus said hirelings entrench themselves in comfort zones and quickly run away from trouble. Hirelings are elected pastors. “If a deceiver and liar comes and says, ‘I will preach nothing but wine and beer in plenty,’ they’d vote him in as church pastor!” (Micah 2.11).


Micah was not an elected prophet, or what was termed “court prophet” in his day. He was raised up and appointed by God. Hirelings are elected temple or church leaders. Jesus and the apostles were not elected. Hirelings support church elections because that’s how they get a job and paid. Thus, they defend man’s ways and criticize God’s ways.

Preaching Suits the Salary Payer

Preaching is not led by the Holy Spirit when you’re a wine and beer pastor. It is led by the people who “pay” the pastor’s salary. Preaching is led by the whims and moods of the salary payer. What the payer wants, the payer gets.

But there are also instances when the payer and preacher quarrel. Then the payer stops or controls the pastor’s salary. This is the demon of witchcraft. The pastor then uses the pulpit to fight for his right to salary. But when the pay is good, the pastor preaches nothing but wine and beer abundance. God is thrust into the background of their play.

I’ve seen how church people control tithes and offerings and funds against the church leadership when things are awry. They’re not aware that this is the demon of witchcraft. You misuse God’s money, you are accursed. And only Aaron’s sons—those genuinely appointed and anointed by God to lead churches—are fit to handle church money and decide where they go—not elected ones. It’s all over the Old Testament. Yet church people today misuse God’s money. Church boards who are merely elected by men and who control church money are accursed.

“I Myself have put you (Aaron) in charge of the offerings presented to Me,” (Num.18.8). God-called and God-appointed pastors alone have the God-given right to handle all offerings.


Wine and beer pastors preach nothing each Sunday but divination. When pastors are controlled by their salary payers so that they do nothing but preach messages that tickle tithers’ ears, the whole thing becomes occultism.

“As for those prophets who mislead God’s people—if a prophet feeds them well, the people proclaim peace. If he does not, they make war against him. Thus, visions will not come to you in the night,” (Micah 3.5-6). When this is the case, the passage says preaching becomes tantamount to divination.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Micah: God’s People—God’s Enemy

Micah warned God’s people about God’s plan.

We often think pleasantly about God’s plan. We claim to desire it so badly. But if we do things contrary to His ways, God’s plan will work against us. In fact, God plans destruction, not LIFE, once we go against His ways. “My Word does good to those whose ways are upright, right?” (Micah 2.7). God’s ways alone in Scripture are upright. All others, like denominationalism, are against His ways. Jesus desires all true believers to be completely united. How complete? As the Father and Son are one (Jn.17). Denominationalism works contrary to this.

Their Own Power

When God’s people work contrary to His ways, they become God’s enemies. “Lately, my people have risen up like an enemy,” (Micah 2.8) Why? Because they plan evil and carry it out in their own power (Micah 2.1). It happens automatically—you use your own ways, you use your own power. Human effort is zero in the spiritual realms. Everything has to be done in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Even if you have the noblest and sincerest intentions, even if you do it for God, even if you sound so bible-based about it all, if you do not do it in God’s ways alone, your plans are nothing to God but “evil” (Micah 2.1). He looks at plans derived from human ways and efforts as coveting and seizing fields and houses (that’s probably your church planting and evangelism), and defrauding people of their homes and inheritance (you can never enjoy heaven and true salvation through human ways and efforts). Making people believe so is deception or defrauding.


Hence, God says He has a plan—disaster. And this is more of spiritual in nature. You may look prosperous materially, but spiritually you’re dying, heading towards disaster. Revelations says some churches will look alive in the last days but they are really dead. God’s plan, says Micah, also involves a spiritual calamity that demolishes pride, one that the world will laugh at and mock. No wonder many denominational churches today are weak and powerless and ignored and even laughed at by the world.

The Acts church turned the world upside down (Acts 17). The modern church today is ignored by the world. In fact, the world turns it upside down. The church is worldlier than the world. The church copies from the world. It’s no longer Spirit-led; it is world-led. Most churches are known, not for God’s power and authority, but for solicitations and begging for donations and running after people to up their memberships. These spell spiritual disaster.

“Men will make fun of and mock you in that day, taunting you with these sad lines: ‘We are ruined—our possessions are divided up and God gives them to traitors (or the undeserving).’”

Anti Prophetic

Another thing that angered God in Micah’s time was God’s people being anti-prophetic. The other prophets were urging Micah not to preach bad and negative things. They wanted to hear only about blessings and God’s unconditional love and how He accepted them as they were—things to this effect. “Do not prophesy about these negative things you claim to hear from God,” they told Micah. “Disgrace won’t happen to us. Does the Lord get angry at His people? Does He really plan evil for His people?” they added.

They thought God hated only the sin, not the sinner. Well, they were about to get the shock of their lives: God’s people—God’s enemies.

Church people today so loathe judgment and discipline. They insist that we “Judge not that you may not be judged.” They forget that Jesus also said “Make a right judgment.” Paul said we will judge the world, angels, and those in the church. The prophetic Move of God powerfully declares God’s Truth; and in so doing it judges, showing people what is right from wrong. It’s inevitable. If the church does not judge rightly (according to the leading of the Spirit), the next generation of God’s people will lose their inheritance. God deplores that “You take away my blessing from their children forever,” (Micah 2.9). And added hopelessness by saying, “it is hopelessly ruined.” God’s people—God’s enemies.

Pro-False Prophets

How did they choose their prophet? If the prophet always sounded positive, they accepted him as their official prophet. They didn’t want anything to do with judgment. They took pride in their prosperity gospel that maintained the status quo and protected their comfort zones. Just like many churches today. They abhor critical and judgmental messages, giving such messages a bad name. “If a deceiver and liar tells you, ‘I preach you nothing but blessings and plenty,’ you will elect him unanimously as your prophet!”

There are preachers who have a critical demon, and their aim is just to show themselves or their denominations better. They are defenders of their denomination—mere denomination propagandists.

But God is raising up true prophets today who denounce, criticize, judge, and condemn anything not of God. They promote that the only things acceptable are God’s Word and Ways. These are Jesus-type prophets. They are God’s flesh on earth. They belong to no denomination. They will break open the way to God and start a break through to a higher Spirit dimension. “The man who breaks open the way will go higher before them; and then, they will break through the gateway and be free to go out. Their king will walk before them, the Lord leading them.”

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Micah: Baring Foundations

Are you getting comfy about an up and down spiritual life? Think again.

When God’s people are disobedient the whole earth is affected. “Hear, everyone who lives on the Earth,” (Micah 1). When bible believers rebel, what can you expect from non believers? The Lord was an angry witness against all earth dwellers. And this was all due to Jacob’s transgression, to Israel’s sin (Micah 1.5).

The church being the true Israel of today (Gal.3.7-14), the same principle applies. When the world is in chaos and nature suffers from men’s abuse, the church had better checked its ranks. Sometimes church people denounce government corruption and blame it for God’s ire. Well, they better look at themselves first. Denominationalism, because it runs counter to Jesus’ prayer in John 17 for complete unity, is vile corruption. Sometimes, government reflects the condition the church is in.

Baring Foundations

In Micah’s time Judah’s spiritual life was fluctuating—going up in Jotham’s time, going down in Ahaz’s time, then going up again in Hezekiah’s time. King Jotham did well in God’s sight but the people did evil. King Hezekiah did superbly but later took fleshly pride in his achievements by showing off to Babylonian envoys. Good that he later repented. However, overall it was a dismal performance. A fluctuating relationship with God, though it has its ups, is not God’s standard. God always wants an ever-increasing glory (2Cor.3.18). That's being God's flesh.

In general, God sized up Israel’s “success” as nothing but “wages of prostitutes” (Micah 1.7). When God weighed Israel’s success, taking away the pretentious decors and embellishments to “lay bare her foundations” (Micah 1.6), Israel was left with nothing but idolatry and prostitution. In their own eyes they were doing well—good worship, good offerings and gifts, good finances, good image. But God saw differently:

“Her idols will all be broken…all her gifts (money offering) offered at the temple will be burned with fire…I will demolish her images…and her money offerings are derived from prostitutes’ wages.”

They had so much money for “ministry” but failed to see that wages from prostitutes could never be used for anything except as money for promiscuity again. “Since the gifts are from the wages of whores, as the wages of prostitutes it will again be used,” (v.7). Prostitution can only lead to more prostitution. In can never lead to God.

King Ahaz brought in many modern worship systems into the temple. He even re-fashioned the temple system to look like the one he so admired in Babylon. Many of today's church worships look like what you'd find among rock bands in bars and bistros. 

Idolatry and Prostitution

Idolatry and prostitution in Micah’s time was probably also in a literal sense, but God was referring more to spiritual idols and prostitutes. You’re guilty of prostitution and adultery if you’re idolatrous. And being idolatrous is not just worshiping statues. First and foremost, it’s befriending the world—using man’s ways and the ways of the world in ministry. Denominationalism. Many believers and pastors worship their denominations. Many pastors are nothing but defenders and propagandists of their denominational church. That’s first class idolatry and prostitution.

And anything you do in prostitution as you “serve God in your church”—though it looks good to men and sound biblical—are nothing but prostitution to God. Remember the Kingdom principle here: The wages of prostitutes can only be used for prostitution again. Nothing else.

Incurable Wound

Micah had the sharp spiritual eyes to see Israel’s incurable wound, and that the malady had reached her sister Judah (v.9). Today, churches have blurred or blind eyes to see only their fleshly successes. All they see are their denominations, church buildings, beautiful worship programs that "touch" them, their membership, and finances. They all base their “success” on these factors. Just listen to their reports in their assemblies. And they don't want to be criticized for their worldliness and religious spirit. They'd say you're too judgmental if you did that. 

Well, the mere fact that they’re denominational already manifests the initial symptoms of an incurable wound.

Incurable Sisters

Israel and Judah were “sisters” in God’s eyes. God had been telling Judah to learn from her sister’s sins. Instead, Judah did even worse. Israel’s sin was Samaria (v.5), the capital of idolatry. But Judah made Jerusalem the capital of both idolatry and sexual immorality right inside the temple of God (“high place” in v.5). God saw his temple reduced by men into a mere “high place.” Many churches today are mere high places. And in most cases, it’s an incurable wound. Denominational born again churches never learned from the sins of Roman Catholic churches.

Name Reversal

Micah saw the Israelites and the people of Judah in God’s eyes. The people may had been priding themselves with the presumptuous names they have called their cities by, but God saw differently. He saw that the negative meanings of their names were more apt for them. Gath, sounding like tell, was not worthy to be told. Beth Ophrah, meaning house of dust, should indeed roll in dust. Shaphir, meaning pleasant, should walk in nakedness and shame. Zaanan, meaning come out, will not come out—and probably hide in fear.

Churches today are named with high-sounding names. Well, just make sure that you name yourselves justifiably. If you’re “God is Lord Church,” make sure He indeed is Lord in your church. If you’re “Jesus the Victory Church,” make sure you are indeed victorious, and that the victory is of Jesus.

If you’re “God is Lord” and your Sunday worship is full of men’s programs, activities, plans, and gimmickry, God sees it as a place where God is not Lord. More so if you use the ways of this world, like when you choose leaders using parliamentary procedures, or when your leaders are chairmen, superintendents, directors, and presidents, instead of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers. If your “successes” are due to the financial supports you get or big beautiful church building or well planned programs, your victory is not of Jesus. Or, if you have no real spiritual victory—and you just look good on the outside, in God’s eyes your church is “No Victory Church,” not “Jesus the Victory Church.”

I’ve seen churches that just look alive and well and rich; but inside they’re either rotten or dying. And the spiritual disaster they suffer comes from the Lord (Micah 1.12).

So, if the Lord were to lay bare your foundations, what would He find, and what would remain of you?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Micah: When God Finally Shepherds His People

Micah depicts the glory of God finally shepherding His true people. These are people who willingly “come to” the church (Micah.7.12), drawn by God Himself and not by man’s church gimmicks, programs, or any effort. Jesus said no person can come to him unless the Father draws that person to him (Jn.6.44 and 65). It is not dependent “on man’s desire or effort” (Rom.9) but on God’s mercy alone.

Global Desolation

God decreed a global desolation, which is already happening. These are the last days. People seek happiness and peace from various sources invented by man. This is reflected on how they make movies. They imagine salvation through their technology, and eternal life and power from the occult (like Twilight and similar movies). They revive myths and glamorize them (like Lightning Thief) to depict godly power. And why not? The “Christian” church built by men for centuries has been failing to show them real Godly awesome power—like what we read in the bible.

God will make everything useless, even the “Christian” church built by men. “The earth will be desolate all because of its dwellers—and this is the result of their doing.” Churches and governments “will see and be ashamed, because they are deprived of their power,” (Micah.7.13 and 16). God always works by first making proud and self reliant people powerless. “I appoint you over kingdoms and nations; first uproot and tear them down, destroy and overthrow,” (Jer.1). God cannot build from anything human. It has to be started and finished by Him alone—through His Word and ways alone. So He destroys.

Any genuine servant of God should operate like his God. By releasing the spoken and radical Word from the Father’s own mouth to the people, we uproot, tear down, overthrow, and DESTROY. We preach Christ crucified; foolishness to the Greeks and a stumbling block to the Jews. We don’t preach to entertain—so more people will be lured to our church membership. We preach to DESTROY, as the Spirit of God leads and moves us. As we live the Jesus LIFE, we destroy man’s ways. God wants people stripped of their imagined power, happiness, and peace. God wants false hopes demolished. “’Is not my Word like fire? Is not my Word like a hammer that breaks a rock in pieces?’ The Lord declares,” (Jer.23).

God Works Only with Total Surrender

When people and nations (including the church) have been striped naked of their own power, then God can start shepherding His people. God’s power in us is made perfect in weakness. The church does not need to compromise anymore because the people God will shepherd “lives by itself in a forest, in fertile pasturelands…in Bashan and Gilead, as before” (Micah 7.14). Today, the rich and moneyed rule the church. Pastors and churches compromise in favor of getting funds for church projects and ministries. But God will destroy man’s systems.

And in those last days God will use the church in awesome signs and wonders. “Like when you came out of Egypt, I will show you my wonders.” But the condition here is, make sure you’re out of Egypt, the land of slavery to sin and the ways of man and the world.

God Doing God’s Work

Only God can do God’s work. Any human effort always fails and only serves the devil. When God’s people finally learn how to totally surrender their lives to Jesus and start living the Jesus LIFE and ministry, God in them will do God’s work perfectly. The glorious church of Jesus is perfect, without spot or wrinkle. Paul said he no longer lived but Christ lived in him. Hence, it was Jesus fully doing God’s work in him. Paul had died, been crucified with Christ.

When God does God’s work through us who are God’s flesh, genuine evangelism starts. “People will come out trembling from their dens. They will turn to the Lord in fear and will respect His servants, too, in fear,” (Micah 7. 17). Today’s “evangelism” is nothing but recruitment, if not plain bewitching.

God’s Concern: His Remnants

God forgives sins. Just repent and He readily and easily forgives sins. He throws our sins out into the sea to sink in its depths (v.19). However, this is true only if you belong to the remnant. The remnant is unique and genuine. The remnant is his true inheritance (Micah 7.18). The remnant does not live in sin. God is light; in Him is no darkness at all. God does not stay angry forever with the remnant but loves to show mercy. The remnants are God’s flesh on earth.

The Remnants are Jacob’s and Abraham’s

God’s covenant is only with the offspring of Jacob and Abraham (Micah 7.20). Those in the genuine and present Move of God are the remnants. True Israel is NOT the natural children but the children of the promise. God regards them as genuine Abraham’s offspring (Rom.9.8). “Those who believe are Abraham’s children,” (Gal.3.6). Moreover, “Those who have faith are truly blessed with Abraham,” (Gal.3.8). Finally, God’s blessing to Abraham comes to gentile believers through Jesus Christ,” (Gal.3.14).

We, who are in God’s present Move, who live the Jesus LIFE and ministry daily, who do everything in the power of the Holy Spirit—in God’s Word and ways alone, who have renounced man’s ways and denominationalism, who are God’s flesh, and who belong to the perfect church of Jesus, are the remnants. We are the true Israel by God’s grace and mercy through Jesus Christ. 

When we have truly united as one body of Jesus (Jn.17) under global apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers—then God will start shepherding us in the true sense of the term. Then God will destroy everything, and then build His own. 

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Micah: Statutes of Omri and Practices of Ahab

From Youtube
It began with the statutes of Omri (Micah 6.16). Omri was a follower of the evil ways of Jeroboam (1Kings16). He laid down the statutes (or doctrines) and Ahab his son applied and developed them. These were all against what God wanted.

Omri’s statutes were simple: they were based on wicked and corrupt ways as King Jeroboam did them. How did Jeroboam do them? Simply by doing God’s will in man’s ways. He disobeyed the prophet Ahijah who told him to do everything in God’s ways alone: “If you do everything I command you and walk in my ways and do whatever is correct in my eyes...I will build you a dynasty...”(1Kings11).

Jeroboam grabbed God's will of kingship but did it in greed. Man's ways are nothing but greed, no matter how they try to make it look religious or spiritual or "Christian." Jeroboam tried to make it all look good but sharp prophets saw nothing in it but idolatry.

But because of his greed and appetite for corrupt power, he did everything wickedly—he did everything in man’s ways. Man's ways to God is always wicked. Jeroboam always “thought to himself” and never included God, even reviving the ways of Egypt (which symbolized man’s and the world’s ways) in Israel by making two golden calves (1Kings 12). He also always worried about losing people’s allegiance to him as many pastors today worry about church members transferring to another church. Omri institutionalized all these.

Ahab was Worse

But Ahab did worse. Not happy with the evil of Omrism, he introduced Baalism in Samaria through his wife Jezebel and killed lots of God’s prophets. Man’s ways lead to being anti God’s present Move. Just like how denominations, using man’s ways, are always against God’s present move. Today, they are opposed to apostles and prophets being restored in these last days. For sure, God will restore everything he put in the church, especially all the five-fold ministries.

In a sense, denominations stick to the ways of Egypt and the worship of Baal—though using the bible and worshiping God, not realizing the ways of this world lead them to idolatry. Just like how Jeroboam did it. He made everything look like the real thing. “He instituted a feast on the 15th day of the 8th month, like the feasts in Judah” (1 Kings 12.32). He also assigned his own priests, did worship programs, and the works. But God saw nothing but evil. They were not God’s ways, though they looked very much like God’s ways.

Micah, years later, would judge the Israelites guilty of Ahab’s doctrines. “You have followed Omri’s and Ahab’s traditions.” Any church tradition that is not based on God’s ways follows after Omri’s and Ahab’s traditions. When this happens God begins “to destroy you, to ruin you because of your sins,” (Mic.6). People eat but are not satisfied (they're still spiritually empty even if they hear sermons each Sunday or read their bible). They store up but save nothing, plant but not reap, press olives but have no oil, crush grapes are still wineless. 

In Micah's time this was physical and material, but today this happens in the spiritual realms. Today, you see church people having everything in church but still rotten or dead or empty in spirit. Their spirits are still starving to death.

God’s Ways

Make sure everything is in God’s ways alone. Man’s ways (denominational ways) supported with a lot of bible verses are NOT God’s ways. They are corrupt and evil. To know God’s ways, one has to understand that in these last days, “The Mountain of the temple of the Lord will be established as the chief of all mountains.” All other mountains should be rejected. And on that chief Mountain (the mountain of His awesome Presence) God “will personally teach us his ways." And only God's ways and teachings will enable us to walk in his paths alone,” (Mic.4.2).

Then we become God's flesh on earth.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Insights into The Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit

The blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is often associated with the spiritual gifts. Or, with a miracle wrongly attributed to the devil, as in the case of Matthew 12. But this sin covers more than spiritual gifts or miracles. It's really about life and character. Being God's flesh.

In 1 Samuel, we find Eli and his two sons charged with a sin that could never be forgiven. There's only one sin in the bible that can never be forgiven--the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. And it's a sin only believers can commit. Non-believers can only speak against the Son of Man--and this is forgivable. But only believers can commit blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. In Matthew 12, the bible teachers and Pharisees, not pagans, blasphemed the Spirit of God. 

In Samuel, Eli and his sons messed up their lives and testimonies as they "served" God. People saw how they belittled worship and did sexual immorality right at the sacred place. This is a great sin to God. It's pure blasphemy. When believers today do this, they aren't aware that it leads to the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, if it's not the blasphemy itself.

If you keep on living in sin and still remain active in church, you may be led to or are already guilty of this blasphemy, and there's no forgiveness. Eli scolded his sons about the sin, but nonetheless joined them in their revelry. This belittles worship to God. If a pastor allows people still in sin to be part of the choir or worship team or to preside over a worship or lead in prayer, this belittles God and leads to the  blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. 

Many church worships today, though looking solemn and serious and "blesses" people, are really nothing but blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. Check yourself--if you remain in even a single sin and continue to "serve" God, you're in danger of blaspheming the Spirit of God, if not already deep in it. 


The Pharisees and Law teachers were right there listening to Jesus and seeing His miracles. Yet they weren't able to connect. They didn't understand anything. They didn't get the point--although they were good with the bible. They had titles and degrees. "He who is not with me is against me." In other words, if you cannot connect with Jesus, you're siding with the enemy. Blasphemy of the Spirit is being God's enemy. If you remain in even a single sin and you play church, no matter how serious you look, you might already be a condemned blasphemer.

Relying on Man's Ways

Isaiah 22 talks about the same sin. God condemned Israel for relying on their own ways and achievements and efforts. They prepared the Pool where the reservoir of water was. They prepared their materials and flesh and programs for battle but forgot the One who can make all things possible. God says here that this sin will never be forgiven. Doing God's work in human ways and efforts is blasphemy of the Spirit of God. Not relying on the Spirit 100 percent is being condemned forever. Relying on the Holy Spirit 100 percent is being God's flesh on earth.

Moreover, they were disconnected in that they did the exact opposite of what God wanted them to do. God called them to cry, weep, and travail to accompany genuine repentance. Instead, they had feasts and merriment and celebrations. They weren't able to connect with God. All they had were their traditions and programs and activities.

God wants Us to Weep Sometimes 

Church cliche today is to always be happy in the Lord. It's an overused and abused remark. And if you do not agree with it churches will wrongly judge you to be unspiritual. It's good to judge, but we must judge with God's correct and accurate judgment. 

Today, if the worship leader tells us that we should always be happy in the Lord, we have to agree. Otherwise, they'd think we are sinning. But the truth is, God wants us sometimes to "put on sackcloth." We have to be led by the Spirit each moment, not led by church cliches. Sometimes, God sees a sin in us we have to weep about and repent from. Sometimes, God wants us to weep with those who weep, and suffer with those who suffer. And we must see all these with the view of what James said about counting it all joy when we experience various trials. 

There was a church where I was invited to speak. They were celebrating their anniversary. They had a very, very long worship time. But all I saw was showbiz and ego performance and demonic religiosity--and the need to repent. They celebrated when they were supposed to weep and wail  and repent. Thus, when the time for the Word came, there was no cause for celebration--but only God's warning and urgency to REPENT! 

The failure to connect leads to unforgivable blasphemy. When churches are led more by the world and human and fleshly prodding--and do nothing but these "church programs" year in and year out--they are deep into the blasphemy of the Spirit. Will they prosper? Many of them will---more than we can imagine. Because Jesus said many will opt for the broad highway to destruction. Very few would opt for the narrow road to LIFE.

God's Flesh

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