Thursday, January 27, 2011

Extremely Radical

Extremely radical. If you're doing things weirdly contrary to the norm and get both loved and murdered for it, you're nothing short of an extreme radical. Jesus was like that. 

If Jesus were ordinary and tame, as ordinary and tame as your usual stereo-type, traditional, formal, and respectable church pastor, he'd just be loved, not murdered (or shall we say "persecuted" to use a milder term). Umm, on second thought, most pastors like this whom I know are not really respected; they're quietly tolerated.

Extremely radical persons are highly respected--so highly regarded that they're seen as a serious threat. When you are persecuted for your extreme radicalism people secretly fear and regard you highly, though they hate you for it. 

But Jesus' extreme radicalism was not out of rebellion. It was a nature. God is unique--and that uniqueness is always to the extreme, because God is all powerful. The Word says, "There is no God like God." Or, "Who is a God like you who pardons sins?" Whatever you see in the world, Jesus is the exact opposite of it. Not intentionally, but as his nature. He simply is extremely radical. It's in His inner person, in His DNA.

And whoever is a true follower of Jesus should be as He is, not intentionally or by self-effort. It should be by nature. Thus, the extremely radical Christ must be formed in you [Gal.4.19], and God Himself should do it in you.

The first extremely radical thing Jesus did was to give up everything. He emptied Himself and took the form of a servant. No one today does this. They all want to build their name, to be seen as a success model, to be recognized and looked up to. That's the reason they're crazy about mega churches and being seen together with popular politicians. They use God to build their own empires, not the true Kingdom of God on earth, not the glorious church of Jesus Christ. 

If you want to be famous like that, you compromise. And that means you begin to look like them---formal, traditional, stereo-type, and respectable. You look powerful being with the powers-that-be but you're powerless inside--you're merely their puppet. Once you subscribe to the requirements of worldly fame you shun extreme radicalism, and you fail to be what the Master Jesus was and is. 

Of course, they love you. You won't be privileged to experience persecution for the Name. But if you get hated and murdered for Jesus because of your righteous LIFE and character empowered by Jesus Himself 100 percent in you, you are an extremely radical citizen of God's Kingdom. You don't belong in this world, anymore than Jesus belonged here. The world is not worthy of you.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Micah: Though I Fall, I Will Rise

You fall first before you rise. 

Because we're humans, this has become a sort of SOP--a standard operating procedure. We first fall into pride and self centeredness and rebellion, then God disciplines or punishes us, then we stand up again, if we repent and surrender to God. 

Once we become born again, the same SOP happens. We join a church, be active there, fall into pride and self-centerdness and rebellion (all while "serving God" in church), then God disciplines us. If we repent and surrender totally to Him, we rise up again to quit our "church" ministry and do His will alone. If not, we regret our fall and say sorry to God, then continue in our rebellion while "serving" God. 

"Therefore, I have begun to destroy you due to your sins," [Micah 6.13]. This is followed by a series of hard work "for God" without real fruit that remains. You eat but remain hungry, store up but remain empty, plant but not harvest, press olives but have no oil, crush grapes and yet have no wine [6.13-15]. 

And this is mostly due to the "statutes, practices, and traditions of Ahab and Omri" who were kings who desecrated the Word and Presence of God with worldliness and who were anti-prophetic. Remember the Ahab-Jezebel tandem that killed the Lord's prophets left and right?

It wasn't that they didn't have anything to eat or store up or harvest or press or crush in those days. They did. The problem was, nothing satisfied them. Yes, there was a severe famine and drought in Ahab's time, but Elisha the prophet of God solved all that. Nonetheless, they remained unhappy and empty. And many churches today keep up with their traditions--and they increase in members and money. Yet, they're empty. Sin and wickedness abound unchecked and they reject the present move of God--the genuine prophetic. 

Sure, there are many churches today that look prophetic, but they just keep prophesying good times and prosperity and other sweet and comfy sounding stuff. Sin remains unabated and no one is giving up anything. They even display their "prosperity" and promote materialism in church. No one is giving up everything as Jesus did. 

"The best of them is like a brier, and the most 'holy' is worse than a thorn hedge," [7.4]. But Micah knew what was needful: "I watch in hope for the Lord. I wait for God my Savior."

HOPE AND WAIT. These are words churches trash today as silly and a waste of time. They want to make things happen immediately. They cannot wait for God. This is pride, self-centeredness, and rebellion. The greatest test of faith today is if you can drop everything, keep still and do nothing, and rest and wait for God. No one today wants any of this. They all want to do something and be seen in the limelight and be recognized as a successful ministry.

Micah says, "Now is the time of their confusion," [7.4b]. People who lose faith in waiting for the Lord end up fighting and betraying each other--because they all want to be great and looked up to--what you actually see in churches today.

To get out of such mess, we have to fail and fall. Thus, when you're failing, rejoice! For God is about to destroy your wretched condition and give you a second chance to do His genuine will. You have to admit your wrong and be willing to suffer the results of your waywardness. "Because I have sinned against God, I will bear His wrath, until He carries my case and put me in His righteousness by grace. God will bring me out into His light: I will see His righteousness," [7.9]. 

The moment you finally "see His righteousness" (and your worthlessness), real victory starts in your ministry. Because the moment you see His righteousness is the moment your enemy sees your light and be filled with shame and defeat [7.10]. "My eyes will see the downfall of my enemy!" Thus:

"Do not gloat over me, my enemy! Though I fall, I will rise. Though I am in darkness, the Lord will be my light!" [7.8]. 

When you genuinely see God's righteousness and His light becomes your LIFE, then it's time for a genuine church ministry that is centered on God's very will: "The day for building your walls will come, the day for extending your boundaries. In that day people will come to you..." [7.11-12]. 

As in Jesus' ministry, genuine church ministries need not have human effort or hard work...because people will come to you....

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Micah: You Will No Longer Worship the Work of Your Hands

The worst tragedy of using any human effort in ministry is it's propensity to end up in idolatry--worshiping the works of your hand [Micah 5.13]. Thus, Jesus must appear in you 100 percent and live out your life and do the ministry through you. In Galatians, Paul said God revealed His Son in him, and that's the only time Paul was able to preach the Gospel to the gentiles [Gal.1.16].

You shouldn't be in ministry until God reveals His Son in you. If the Son is revealed in you, He will do God's work through you. This way, there's no human effort--and thus, no bowing down to what your hands have made.

Only God can do God's work. Only Jesus in you can do God's will. There should be no human effort. NO HUMAN EFFORT. God should live out your life and do God's work through you. You should do nothing except watch God move in your life--in and around and through you. This means being thoroughly seeped in the spoken Word of God daily.

As it is, almost all ministries in the world today take pride in their achievements--in their mega churches, their denominations or "independent" churches, whatever that means. They do ministry through their man-made programs and well-planned (and well prayed for) goals and targets (the works of their hands). They use everything "for God"--everything except God's supernatural ways in the bible. They mock you if you just even hint at letting God move and use His supernatural ways and Word in ministry. They want nothing of God--yet they want to do things for Him.

"In that day," God says to Micah, "I will destroy (everything you have achieved)" [5.10]. When the same conditions are present today in church as they were in Micah's time, God will do the same remedy--destroy. God will destroy (and is in fact starting it now) the church that men have built for themselves using God's name. They are in fact worshiping their denominations, doing everything for the denomination's glory (although they claim it's for God's glory), in their denominational ways (with some bible verse quotations here and there to make everything look legit--just like how the devil would do it). 

They are bowing down to the works of their hands.

However, if you're sharp, you'd see churches today failing everywhere.  Sin and wickedness are rampant and unchecked in church, with church people and leaders  blatantly defying and compromising bible truths. They're all just mindlessly doing their man-made programs year in and year out, like unthinking robots. Their standards are the world's standards, their ways are the world's ways (with bible verses inserted) and some leaders even subscribe to the policy of secrecy--unwilling and unable to be transparent with their lives in public in the name of "privacy rights."

They hide the true condition of their churches and project a false image which they propagate to promote themselves, to gain more membership. They want nothing of the truth.

Look at how God is so transparent about everything. He allowed failures of His servants to be recorded in Scriptures. No secrets barred from being published, even their unabashed sexual immorality and other secret evils. God truly is light; in Him is no darkness at all.

Churches and denominations today try to cover up for their failures and wickedness, but no secret remains a secret--God will bring them all into the light and expose them. Churches and church leaders are falling--because they have all rejected the Stone which God has declared as the Capstone--the Lord Himself has done this, and this is marvelous in our eyes [Ps.118.22-24]. When we see churches built by men and for men failing, this should be marvelous in our eyes because it is God destroying men's churches. According to Psalm 118, we should declare that "This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad!"

It is God's will that church people "no longer bow down to the works of their hands" so He will destroy everything and uproot their modern Asherah poles and demolish their cities. He will take vengeance on anyone who does not obey Him.

Micah: True Worship

"Will God be pleased with thousands of rams and rivers of oil? Shall I give my firstborn as offering for my transgression, the best of my body for the sin of my soul? He has shown you what is good. What does God require of you? To live acceptably to God, have the right attitude, and to walk humbly with your God." [Micah 6. 7-8].

Micah outlined the goodness of God to Israel, asking why they've turned their backs to Him after His show of compassion. With such acts of mercy and kindness from an all-powerful God and Creator, the least His people should've done was to worship Him. How?

True worship acceptable to God is not what artificial worship man is accustomed with. We're often busy doing what we call "church worship"--that programmed ritual we do on Sundays involving a prelude, opening and closing prayers, scripture reading, special numbers, choir singing, praise and worship, and a sermon. Such a waste of time, energy, and money.

A very high form of worship is living out daily and each moment the truth in the bible. In Micah's words--"To act justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with God." Nobody today (or very few) get the idea and start doing this high form of worship--living out the Jesus LIFE daily. Majority of "worshipers" in church still do it through their programmed worship. Why? Because they love it when they look glamorous in a church Sunday worship, with their formalities and stage presence and formal attires and decorum. All show.
God has rejected man's forms of worship. The present move of God in worship is Jesus--the Jesus LIFE. If the Father reveals His Son in you, and the true radical and revolutionary Jesus is seen in your life and body daily, each moment, then you're doing a very high form of worship acceptable to God.

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