Sunday, May 29, 2011

God's Face is the Only Food I Crave For

If it isn't God's face, I don't want any part in it. I want God, period. He alone satisfies my soul. He alone is the Apple of my eyes. Show me God and I'll go all the way with you. If you can't, never invite me to anything else you and your church have. I'll get bored to death. I'm tired of everything else. God's face is the only food I crave for.

If you can interview Moses today, and ask him what one thing he desires, he'd probably answer you something like the above. That's why he was God's friend. With other prophets God spoke through dreams, but with Moses, he spoke face to face. Because Moses once said something to this effect: "God's face is the only food I crave for." That's being God's flesh on earth.

Imagine an 80-year old man going up and down a high mountain several times, even without eating for 40 days and night. All that just to see God's face. And I can't understand why believers today just sit comfy and content each Sunday with their worship service, programs, and activities that produce nothing of God. They sit there for hours "blessed" and "touched" (what they term for being entertained) without ever seeing God's face.

Because if you see God's face, you'll never want anything of man again. You cannot but radically transform. People in church are not radically transformed because they have not seen God's face. And the serious problem is, they're just satisfied with that. It's among the worst and deadliest deceptions.

Moses was able to speak with God face to face. But he wasn't content with that. He dared ask for more. He was radical. He dared ask God, "Show me now your (real) glory." He was so desirous of God's face that he forgot about eating--about feeding his flesh--for 40 days. And God was pleased. God said, "I'll do anything you wish, that's how I'm pleased with you, and also because I call you by name."

God is pleased with those whose faith is purely about seeing His face.

And God made all his goodness pass by Moses while he was safely hidden in the cleft of the Rock, and while God's hand covered him. That's what I want!--nothing less. If a church can't get the same favor from God, I don't want any part of it. Moses left behind the crowd of the Israelites (who didn't want any part of real intimacy with God) and went up a lot higher, just to feed his soul and spirit (and even his flesh) with God. His flesh was fed with God that his face caught God's glory.

If you seriously crave for God's face, God puts his on yours!

Paul said God put his face on Moses only for a short while. It was based on a ministry of death. Though glorious, the glory faded. But today, we have a better covenant. Because Jesus makes things in our spiritual lives permanent and ever-increasing, we can have God's face on us forever, and increasing in glory at that!--IF we seek God's face desperately, and not just seriously play church, satisfied with men's programs and activities which are all trash.

A lot of churches today still get God's glory based on a ministry of death. The glory just lasts a few moments. When they get born again they get the excitement in Jesus, but then merely end up with men's programs and activities, and settle for that. The glory fades and dies, no matter how excited they are with what they call church. For the rest, there's not even any hint of glory to start with. They just have church membership.

I want churches that pursue such glory. At least, I want churches that desperately aim wholeheartedly to have that experience, and who say with all their hearts--"God's face is the only Food I crave for. It's God or nothing. The rest is garbage."

Jesus wanted nothing else but the Father. He ate the Father. You know why he taught his disciples to eat him--eat his flesh and drink his blood? Because it's the only way to live the spiritual life. "Unless you eat me, you have no real life in you. I'm real food!" My Jesus himself ate the Father daily. Isaiah says, "Jesus grew up before the Father (He grew up before him)." My Jesus did nothing but spend quality time with God the Father, seeing his face. His face was his food. "The Food I eat is doing the will of God who sent me." Doing his will is seeing his face. You cannot do both men's and God's will--you would love one and hate the other.

"I'm eating a kind of Food you know nothing of," my Jesus once challenged his disciples. Today, many church people still do not know about it. Their churches have been deceiving them with useless programs and activities. They do not know how to eat God. All they know is how to worship him on a shallow level with their formulated praise and worship and non stop worship.

We have to eat Jesus. We have to discover and say that God's face is the only Food I crave for. If we eat God, we get his DNA. We cease being mere men and become true sons of God. We become genuinely God's flesh.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Seeing and Hearing God is Genuine Church

Church has devolved through centuries of nothing--nothing but men's efforts, achievements, doctrines, and programs. What we call "church" today is a social gathering shrouded in "born again" religion. But John tells us of a genuine church. This church is a real fellowship of believers. And the fellowship is based on supernatural factors: seeing God and hearing God. This is the true basis for church.

"We confirm to you what we have seen and heard. This way, you will also have fellowship with us," [1Jn.1.3]. This is among Kingdom principles on being God's flesh.

John had to proclaim or pass on to them what they (the apostles) had seen and heard--they saw and heard the Life, who is God. They touched, talked to, and smelled God. Yes, God himself! And they wanted to pass that on to us so we may have true fellowship. Genuine fellowship in church is making their experience our experience. It's never about programs or activities or gatherings or even singing. It's about seeing and hearing. You don't have this, you have nothing, zero, pfft! You don't have real fellowship. All your gatherings and singing, no matter if they're sincere, are trash. In John's words, you're just in darkness, period.

God is light--in him there is zero darkness. God's Light is where you see and hear. If you don't see and hear God, you have nothing but darkness. How many in church see and hear God? If they do, they'd have a terrible desire for God and his Word--to meditate it day and night and live it out daily. Do they?

Second Chronicles says, "If my people, called by God's name...shall seek my face...then I would hear..."

You see the genuine fellowship in that? If we seek his face, he will turn and answer. Without that, you have zero fellowship. John continues by saying, "And our church fellowship is with God the Father and God the Son." We have to go back to this truth and not just play church seriously.

A lot of churches just run the crazy rat race of who's got the biggest and most number of churches, without seeking God's face. True God seekers forget about numbers and how many properties they've bought to put up churches in. Numbers just happen. In fact, numbers is easy--even malls and football and basketball games can produce mammoth crowds. Showbiz idols can produce thousands of loyal, dedicated, and die-hard fans in a flash, churches will be easily put to shame. It's easy if you have the money. But that's the tragedy of it all--churches are often no different from malls and showbiz and football games. What presence of God they have in malls is the same presence of God they have in churches--the omnipresence. Not the manifest presence. Not the face of God. No seeing and hearing God. Why?

It's because it's all man's efforts and achievements. No God in it.

We have to go back to what John is saying. We have to desperately seek God--to see and hear him. All of us. If we all do this with all our hearts and souls and minds and strength (God's strength in us, that is), giving up everything, then we have real fellowship, even fellowship with John and his contemporary apostles in spirit--because our church fellowship then will become a genuine intimacy with the Father and with Jesus Christ.

Go around churches today and ask if they see and hear God. Chances are, they'd laugh at you and mock you. They don't believe such nonsense. They'd say things like that are obsolete. Today, we just make programs and activities and make empty mental claims in our imaginations that God is in our churches.

Eli and Samuel Churches

The priest Eli just sat content at hearing about God in his usual place. His eyes were weak to discern anything of God. He had even thought once that Hannah's prayer was a drunk's prayer. But the boy Samuel heard God. And this was even before Samuel knew God. God can discern our past, present, and future very easily. He knew Samuel's heart.

God discerns the heart of a church. If he sees its heart inclined towards him and surrendering to him in the future, God will cause everyone there to see and hear him gradually. And churches who don't see or hear God (Eli churches)--and who have no inner desperate cravings for God and the things of God either now or in the future-- will clearly see how God's favor powerfully moves in Samuel churches--those who grow more and more desperate for God as they grow in Christ.

Man's standard is what is visible and physical--like membership, building, and money. God's standard is whether you see and hear God or not. Seeing and hearing cannot be possible if the Word of God (who is Jesus) is not your Life. You should be deep in God's Word, increasing in power in it daily.

I see lots of churches today happy about how their people, especially their young people, are absorbed in activities and programs of the church, while remaining spiritually blind to see God and deaf to hear God. They hate the Word. Empty...such empty lives. They do not realize their emptiness. "Little do they realize that the dead are there, and that her (members and) visitors are in the depths of Sheol," [Prov.9.18].

"Many are her victims, bringing them down. They die there in great numbers. Her house is a broad and easy way to the grave; leading down to the depths of death," [Prov.7.26-27].

Eternal life, says John, is seeing and hearing the Life. And that Life is in His Son, Jesus Christ who is the Word of God. Jesus, the Word, is the Key to being God's flesh daily.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

No God in Church

They say God is in their church--that's what church people hype about. If you bite the bait and go there, they'd try to make it look and feel like that--that God is there. They'd make everything solemn or lively, look serious with what they're doing, then chant that "God is here, Amen?" The rest would answer, "Amen!" If you don't respond accordingly, they'd say something's wrong with you spiritually.

But if you'd be honest about it, there's no sign of him there. No God in church. All you see is what man is doing in church. All you have is a man-encounter. But they'd say, you must believe that God is there, even if you don't see him. Happy are those who believe and yet not see. You must believe that where two or three are gathered in His Name...

Okay, but God is still not there. His omnipresence is probably there, as it is present in beer houses, sex dens, drug sessions, and Congress, but it's not the kind of presence that Jesus was talking of when he said where two or three are together in my Name, I'm in their midst. When New Testament believers talked of God's presence, they talked about his manifest presence, not omnipresence. God was really there, manifesting.

Manifest presence was when the apostles did signs and wonders and the church was filled with awe; when Peter walked and his shadow healed the sick, because it wasn't his shadow but Christ's; when Paul was blinded by a glorious light at noon and heard Jesus speaking along the road to Damascus; when Peter, in a trance, saw a huge blanket being lowered from heaven and carrying various unclean animals; when the disciples were filled with the Spirit and spoke in various tongues at Pentecost; when the Spirit took Philip away supernaturally and landed in Azotus; when Paul and Silas were worshiping in prison and a great earthquake set them free; when Paul was caught up to the third heaven; when Peter was sleeping and was awakened and set free from prison by an angel; when Jesus went up a mountain to be transfigured; when Jesus fed the 5000 and the 4000, and so much more.

Not to mention what happened in the times of Abraham, Moses, Elijah, and David. Not to mention what Ezekiel saw in his visions. When bible people said, "God is here!" it was for real, not just imagined or a kind of empty mental faith church people today take refuge in.

When they said, "God is here!" you can be sure God was really there! He himself was there--not just his omnipresence. It wasn't just hype, imagined, or advertisement. So, where is this manifest presence now? It's nowhere in church. No God in church, as there was no ark of the covenant in the holy of holies in the time of Jesus. Jesus was out of the temple and out there in the streets while the religious priests, Pharisees, and Law teachers were still looking for God in there.

The church today looks so, so different from how the New Testament church was. And yet we're just satisfied the way things are, the church having nothing but man's religious and biblical gimmicks. Church people just sit content and proud with their programs. They watch the "worship" service, listen to the songs and the preaching, like the choir, get blessed and touched, and "close" in prayer. Then they slowly move out of the church building, greeting each other, their pastor shaking their hands and blessing them, and they go home. Some of them return later for more activities.

The next Sunday, they do the same things, and that goes on year after year. Where is God in that? Any cult can also do the same things.

Now, if you'd watch all the above from the outside looking in, they'd all look gentle and wonderful and spiritual and correct. But if you are an insider and begin to know what's really going on behind the scenes, you'd see the horror in most churches. And yet they just carry on like that, year after year. They don't care if there's no God in church, if there's no supernatural activity from the supernatural God in the bible, if they don't look like the radical Jesus church in Scriptures. All they care about is carry on with their Christian traditions and nice programs each year.

As long as they claim bible verses, like "Where two or three are gathered..." or "I shall never leave you nor forsake you," and things like that, they imagine God to be there in their midst. Yes, his omnipresence. But if omnipresence is all we care about, we better go to the malls than to church. It's the same presence, anyway.

Where Two or Three are gathered in My Name

If you really gather in Jesus' Name, it means you gather together in Jesus' nature. Each of you are living the Jesus LIFE daily, each moment, and this life is holy, spiritual, perfect, powerful, and supernatural yet meek and low profile. Is that how our churches look today? Jesus said, blessed are the poor in spirit. And yet no church today is like this. They all want to be the best and most popular mega church with posh buildings and equipments and interiors they love bragging about, though in the guise of doing it for "God's glory." And they parade their titles, degrees, and positions around. No wonder we enjoy no more than God's omnipresence when we claim that, "God is here!" in our churches.

I've attended churches were worship leaders "scolded" church people for not worshiping enough. The leader would say something like, "Aren't you ashamed that you're just giving your second best for God?" The fact that there's just second best worship going on there is because there's no God in church. Probably, just his omnipresence. Because if the manifest presence is really there, that leader won't have to scold people in church. People would just pour out their hearts, kneel down, and worship desperately, even before worship service starts.

If God's awesome presence is not in church, the worship leader and the worship team have to re-think their spiritual standing before God. After all, they are leading the people in worship. Leading means you're the first to go to that place of genuine worship and show people the way. You cannot just tell people where to go--you take the lead. And by the time you're there, and God is there, you won't have time to scold people because you'd be so engrossed in God's awesome presence. Moses left the Israelites and went up Sinai, too absorbed about God to give any attention to the Israelites' fear of Him. Joshua was just so absorbed in God, too.

Well, later Moses went down from Sinai to find the people worshiping idols with Aaron, and he threw the Tablets on the ground in frustration, like worship leaders scolding people for not worshiping enough. Did it have any effect? None. Did the people worship better after that? No. Did God commend him for it? No. All God did was to tell him to make another one.

Now, "engrossed" doesn't mean you keep repeating choruses over and over again just to "enter" the presence of God during worship. Though this is sometimes needed--as the Spirit leads--we should never make it a formula for worship, doing it each Sunday. We should come to church having pre-entered the presence. We need to worship right after waking in the morning, and we need to have this as a life--a daily thing. So that Sunday worship services are never our main course but just a snack. Our main course is our daily profound fellowships with God when we are intimate with him and get the spoken Word right from his mouth. Without this, there is definitely no God in church.

We should pursue God and the worship pictures he presented in the bible where his awesome presence was manifest, not just claimed or believed in. Faith should trigger God's actual showing up right there, because faith should please him. According to Hebrews 11, Enoch pleased God through his faith so that he walked with God and was no more! You see that? Where is that today in the church? If our faith pleases God, we should be able to walk with him in church and be no more! No more because "It is not I who live but Jesus Christ himself who lives in me!"

As it is, churches are still churches of the ego. We see nothing but man.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

God is Not a Problem Solver

Sure, God can solve problems. He's so good at it. But he does not want to be our problem solver, just like a church pastor is not there to be a problem solver. Many church people see God as problem solver so they bring him all their problems. If you get to attend a prayer meeting today, you'd hear all sorts of problems they want God to solve. But God is not a problem solver.

He is God.

And as God he has lots of things in mind he wants done. So he wants us to be problem solvers, strategic servants out to solve problems the devil has devised to destroy man. God wants us to solve what he sees as real problems--not problems spoiled and silly men want you to solve for them so they'd live happily ever after in their carnal flesh. That's what most church people want from God and from their pastors--make them happily serve God. And a lot of pastors act accordingly.

You have problems? You think you need God to answer your problems? Well, chances are, you'd be frustrated. And you might get offended with this truth I'm about to tell you--God is not interested about your problems. His only interest is what he wants you to do for him.

The great prophet Elijah had a big problem--Jezebel was out to kill him. He ran away and thought God would be concerned about his problem. You think God answered his problem? Well, this was all God had to say to him: "What are you doing here?"

Elijah traveled some more and was so exhausted, probably hoping God would see his plight and pay attention to his problem and solve it. What did God say to him? Again, God asked, "What are you doing here?" Instead of dealing with his problem, God told him to return where he came from (where Jezebel was waiting to murder him) and do what God planned to have him do.

You see, to God, only his plan for you matters, not your plans for yourself. Not even your good plans for Him. Lots of people imagine that God solves their silly, carnal problems, problems that have to do only in this world. They call it "answered prayers!" If you think you get your mundane problems solved by God, it's just the general blessings he gives to both the righteous and the wicked. It's not a problem solved--it's just a problem prolonged.

When God gives air or oxygen to criminals to breathe in and live, it's not a problem solved. It's a problem prolonged--to give chance to the criminal to repent. You see what I mean?

Another story...

Now, there was Jonah, running away from the Lord--to catch his attention. He had a problem, and he was hoping God would be his problem solver. What was his problem? He wanted the cruel Assyrians annihilated with God's nuclear bomb--probably something like what God did to Sodom and Gomorrah.

But God had a different plan. The first time he had told Jonah about it, he said something like, "Go to Nineveh and preach against it," [Jonah 1.2]. But then Jonah had ran away from God's will and focused on what he wanted to happen. But God ignored him. God is not a problem solver. He is God.

After being vomited out by the giant fish, you know what God told Jonah? Did God deal about Jonah's problem? Did he ask him, "Hey, Jonah, what's eating you? How can I be of help?"?

Nope. God simply repeated his first statement to him. All God cared about was what he wanted to happen, his will for Jonah [Jonah 3.2].

God is not a problem solver. Yeah, he can easily solve problems, but he solves only problems he sees as real problems--problems that hinder his will. If it has nothing to do with his will, forget about God solving the problem. He would probably just relegate it to his permissive will, or just trash it altogether.

For generations, church culture has been to see God as a problem solver. They see God's saying "I will give you rest" as God solving their problems. Nope. It simply means God will give you rest from your silly cares, period. He will give you the wisdom to see that what you see as problems are really nothing, not worth his while. It's something like: "Oh, is that what's been bogging you? Forget it!"

That's rest.

God is God. And that means your only business in life is to know what he wants and do it. And how about your problems? How about problems in church your members want you to solve for them?

Get this revelation--Forget them!

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