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The Resurrected Life: First Time in Spiritual History and What It Does to You

The resurrected life of Jesus was a first one---even God had never lived it before Christ's resurrection from the dead---body, soul and spirit. Before this, God, even Jesus, was spirit. Jesus was the spoken Word yet to be made flesh. There was nothing as powerful as the Word made flesh. And the grand plan for revealing this wonder had been there even before the foundation of the world. It has been an eternal plan.

After Jesus resurrected (actually, starting when he was born), God became spirit and flesh---after resurrection, a spiritual body. It was a new and radical concept---the resurrected life. It's the advanced stage of God's flesh. All heaven was extremely excited about it. The angels had not seen anything like it. It had flesh, it ate food, was seen by human eyes, could be touched, could have wounds, yet it was perfect and could perform supernatural feats---like suddenly appearing and disappearing at will, appearing simultaneously to hundreds of people at the same time (contained multiple presence, which is different to omnipresence), and going through walls and closed doors. It reminds you of those born of the Spirit---like the wind that blows wherever it wills.

I can imagine that the spiritual body can fly, travel around the universe in an eye's wink, can transcend through earthly and heavenly dimensions at a split second, and at will (and even different dimensions on different levels), and create and re-create worlds and realities---all because of God, through the power of the Holy Spirit. It's not yet true with us today---although it can begin right now---and we may start to live on its threshold. Thus, we should live the resurrected life---God's flesh---now, made possible by the simple fact that Jesus lives in us 100 percent! But it should never be lived through our own efforts---and it can NEVER be lived by merely being active in church, especially denominational church, with all its self efforts, programs, or activities---but only through God's power and will.

The resurrected life is powerful---even as we live it now in its initial stages. It can shake worlds, split them apart, and turn them upside down. It often splits church denominations apart, especially when those who understand and experience the resurrected life are mocked by those who can't. And praise God for that! Jesus praised the Father for hiding these things to the wise and learned of this world and revealing them to little children.

Unfortunately, many in church today are strangers to the resurrected life---a life of being God's flesh on earth---because they are misled and deceived by human theologies and religious programs and activities---idol shrines passed off as "God's will." Anything against the LIFE is demonic. As long as you remain in man-made religions, all you have is a mundane life that looks and sounds spiritual and biblical, but is actually a demonic religious spirit in disguise. This spirit keeps you blind to the truth about the resurrected life and being God's flesh. Ask anyone who enthrones human intellect---even some church leaders today---and they'll laugh at you for taking the resurrected life too seriously, if not label you a heretic.

The Holy Spirit alone can build this resurrected life in us. God's flesh has progressive stages that move from glory to glory as we, with unveiled faces, contemplate God's glory. The resurrected life can do astounding feats in the spirit that human flesh can never comprehend and believe, unless that flesh is God's flesh. Once you get a taste of the resurrected life, you shun all other things in this world and see them as lower forms of creation---yes, even human theology that man invented and takes so much pride in.

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