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Someone Asked, "What Money Expense?"

The article immediately prior to this, titled "Genuine Godly Stewardship," got this query: "What do you mean by money expense to beautify our lives? Do you mean the temple of the Holy Spirit?"

Building and beautifying the temple of the Holy Spirit takes lots of spiritual caring by the Word, prayer, worship, genuine spirit fellowship, and lots of real money expense. For one, you have to buy quality books on the present Move of God. Another, you have to buy the Greek and Hebrew bibles and lots of helpful commentaries that move in the Spirit realms. These are musts! You cannot just read one chapter a day of the bible and expect to be updated in the awesome Present Move of God. Buy wisdom and to do not sell!

Well, many today sell at an exorbitant price. They should take a look at what the bible says about "do not sell!" Some sell bibles at so ridiculously high prices. Then why am I selling here? Because the Acts church did sell properties and goods. The "goods" here is suggestive of entrepreneurship, says one Greek commentary. Better sell than beg for donations and solicitations. The idea is not to sell too high. If only I could sell my own ebooks here.....and Godwiling, I will, pretty soon. I have an all new and very radical book titled God's Flesh. I wanna price them really low. 

Anyway, you have to have some money expense to get to the present Move of God and build and beautify your temple of the Holy Spirit. If you can afford to buy the latest cell phone model and ipod and ipad, and MP4 and MP5, etc. and wear the best RTW shirts--then why not some money expense for the temple of the Holy Spirit? Rhema Word study means you go back to the original Greek and Hebrew--that is, if you really love God and His Word. If not, then, forget about building the temple of the Holy Spirit and being in the present Move of God. The rich, young, ruler also quit Jesus because of some measly money expense. What a pity. 

"But I just rely on the Holy Spirit," someone may say. Well, so do I. But you need the Word--to study it well, be deep in it, and apply it daily. The Holy Spirit is always with His Sword (Eph.6.17)--which is the Word of God. 

Another thing, you have to also be faithful in your tithes. The temple of the Holy Spirit is also built by faithfulness in what God commands, like giving of tithes. That's NOT even money expense--that's returning what isn't yours. But it is about money, nonetheless. 

Then you have to bless your pastor and/or discipler or father or mother in faith. Give them gifts now and then, treat them and their families to meals, bless them with money, aside from your faithful tithing and offering. I'm serious. These things are part of building up the temple of the Holy Spirit--building lives and relationships--and being genuinely in the present Move of God. 

You need to be investing on the above, NOT on beautifying church buildings or buying beautiful flowers for the altar.

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