"..Yet in My Flesh I Will See GOD" [Job. 19.26]

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Getting Something for FREE

The article immediately prior to this, titled "Genuine Godly Stewardship," got this query: "What do you mean by money expense to beautify our lives? Do you mean the temple of the Holy Spirit?" [Picture by Saad Chaudhry, Unsplash].

Building and beautifying the temple of the Holy Spirit takes lots of spiritual caring by the Word, prayer, worship, genuine spirit fellowship, and discipleship--plus lots of real money expense. For one, you have to buy bibles in various versions. Another is but quality books on Jesus.

Another is to buy Greek and Hebrew bibles and lots of helpful commentaries. But these are not musts. The "must" is get revelations straight from the Holy Spirit. Reading one chapter a day--or even 20 chapters a day--is useless if you don't hear straight from the Holy Spirit. Even if you have all the books and references. All you'd have is human understanding of scriptures.

Well, many today sell books at an exorbitant price. They should take a look at what the bible says about "buy wisdom and do not sell!" Some sell bibles at exorbitant prices. I used to sell my e-books but now I'm giving them all away for free. I still buy good books on Jesus, but when I write e-books I give them away for FREE! How about that?

Why do I give them for free? Well, it's not really "for free" because God's going to "pay" me. And it's not so much as "payment" as it is a reward. I expect God to reward me when I give away valuable things for his glory. And anyway, you don't really know who I am, so my giving is still in secret.

But don't get me wrong. Don't rely too much on giveaways. Sometimes, you have to buy good books to learn, and then give your knowledge away for free like Jesus did. Come to think of it--Jesus and the apostles didn't have bookstores where they sold their wisdom, epistles or books. So, in that spirit, I give away my e-books for free. 

But I see lots of pastors depending on freebies. They're happy when they get free books and free meals during conferences. Jesus' audience got free meals and knowledge, but Jesus and his disciples didn't rely on freebies themselves. They produced goods--spiritual and material--and gave them away. They were providers. Pastors should be like that and not act like paupers or beggars.

Get the reputation of being a provider. If not, then at least do not be in the habit of begging or waiting for people to take pity on you.

If someone blesses you, take it and thank the Lord and the person God used. But don't beg or get the reputation of always waiting for free handouts or asking for donations or solicitations. Jesus was never like that. Be a blesser, and don't make it public. Bless people secretly to please the Father who watches in secret.

People love getting things for free, and that's understandable. I myself love getting freebies. But I just wish people would be more interested in God's FREE gift of salvation from sin and hell by receiving Jesus as Savior and Lord and totally surrendering their lives to HIM.

GOD's Flesh E-Book 

You want this 100-plus page e-book?

It's about the radical move of God for the church in these last days. I believe God inspired me to write the first edition which was published and sold to a select few. But the original copy was lost. So I can't reproduce it anymore.

But God again urged me to write a second one, and this one's a lot more radical than the first. I myself am sometimes shocked when I read it.