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Genuine Born Again (Part 1)

What really is a genuine born again Christian?
Most “born again” Christians are mass produced, a result of commercialized evangelism and church recruitment systems. Churches aim at being full-packed with members, or being the biggest church, or being instant mega churches, and hasten Gospel sharing using instant evangelism formulas that oversimplify salvation. A quick-fix or some sort of salvation for idiots book. Just ask forgiveness and accept Jesus as Lord and Savior and wham! You’re a Christian! Then join the church and be active.
It’s been producing rotten churches that sprout everywhere, at every corner, and even big showy cathedrals (but often snobbing each other). You see them in stiff competition side by side on the same street or area, each bringing a different version of the Gospel but using the same Name, Jesus Christ. Today, you see showbiz folks whose marriages fail, families disintegrate (but glamorized on TV), and showbiz sexy female stars who wear dresses that show half…

What's Neuroplasticity?

What is Neuroplasticity? What has it to do with being God’s flesh? Is it about having a plastic mind? Umm…yeah, somewhat. And it has lots to do with a powerful faith.
Neuroplasticity is the brain cells’ potential to grow and ramify, increasing the brain’s power and capacity and actually making it grow in size. Formerly, brain scientists believed the brain stopped growing during adulthood. They added that the brain deteriorated progressively at age past 50. However, a recent study on Neuroplasticity shows that the brain can actually increase in size and power, and God’s Flesh believes this can go even to the extent of literally commanding the body to perform astounding feats—like heal itself, repair injuries or defects in and on the body, and do incredible superhuman exploits. And in an extreme sense, (God’s Flesh loves being extreme!) even affect or control things outside the body—like command mountains to be thrown to the sea! Sounds cultic, huh? The more I love it, then! Well, it’s n…

A Nation Without Sense

A nation without sense (Deu.32). God was talking about a nation led by no less than Moses, a man who saw God in person. He really saw the invisible God (Heb.11.17). That's being God's flesh! However, God performed awesome wonders for them all in Egypt, in the desert, and in the Promise Land, and yet they were a nation without sense. Amazing.
I wonder what becomes of churches led by pastors and leaders who derive authority from mere men's churches? Unlike Moses who derived power and authority straight from God. Their titles and degrees were given to them by man-made institutions. You derive power from who gave you authority. And men's institutions follow a worldly pattern of education, not God's pattern. Thus, its a church without sense. It cannot be God's flesh on earth.
When anything is without sense in God's eyes, it means they have not done things in God's ways. God had been urging the Israelites repeatedly to love God, which  meant "to walk in hi…

True Church Fathers

It's Fathers Day once more. And for sure many churches will base their Sunday worship programs on this occasion, recognizing fathers in their church, and of course, God the Father, to make everything sound spiritually legit. It's all a waste of time and money. How I hope it's really about true church fathers.
However, let's say Fathers Day is a legit event in God's eyes and not just a scheme of businessmen to jack up their profits. How would God want Fathers Day to be? What kind of fathers are true church fathers?
First John 2 says it all. True church fathers are those who are spiritual and raise up strong spiritual sons and daughters. They are not just biological. Most "fathers" in church are merely biological--they're called fathers because they're able to impregnate their wives and have children. And some of them are "fathers" because they provide well for their families. These are all good and apt, but this is not what God means when h…

See God Now!

There's a future time of seeing God. But nonetheless, we should see God now--or we won't see him at all in the future. Whether we see him then depends on whether we see him now.
It's something like the sowing principle. What small thing you have now ascertains what you will have and reap in the future. It's not a desire to "want to see God someday;" It's seeing him now. God should be so real in your life right now. He is not just a future or past God--he is very much a present God. A "now" God. In him we move, and talk, and perceive, and understand, and have our being. 
The disciples asked Jesus: "Show us the Father." They thought God was still to be seen. To see God now is very important--or you miss all the glory moments. So Jesus answered something like, "You mean, you've been seeing me and yet you still ask to see God?" Sometimes, it's possible to see and yet not see. You drown in all the busy activities and miss se…

Spoken Word is Spirit and Life

The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you are spirit, and they are life. - Jn.6.63

I cannot over-emphasize the extreme importance of the spoken Word. Jesus says anything outside the spoken Word is flesh, and they count for nothing. Zero. Pfft.
Spoken Word is Spirit and Life. What God speaks from his mouth to us comes from his heart. It should go down and take root in our hearts, so when we speak from the heart, that same spoken Word issues from it and gives life to the dead--like what Ezekiel saw in the vision of the valley of bones. 
Spoken Word is the breath of life. It is the breath that gave life to Adam in all perfection. It is the breath of spoken Word that created the earth and the universe, and now sustains them. It is all-powerful! God gives it to us freely! But we must never take it for granted.
Word Becoming Flesh
Giving flesh to the spoken Word (obeying and living it) is what matters. All others are garbage--church activities, programs,…

I Don’t Go To Church Anymore

Sometimes it’s shocking for some people to hear that I don’t go to church anymore. It’s unthinkable. It’s heretic. It’s mortal sin. Most people know me to be spiritual. I’d been an exemplary elder in church before—and was leader of its young people in my younger years. No wonder they frown at the idea. Well, it’s been an empowering experience really—that I don’t go to church anymore.
Now, by “church” I mean the church that man has established through centuries and now is nothing but man’s ways, programs, activities, gimmicks, theology, and denominations. I don’t mean the genuine, spiritual church Jesus Christ is building. When talking of Christ’s spiritual church, the one he said he’d build in Matthew 16 when he was talking to Peter, the one that the gates of hell can never prevail against, then yup, I enjoy going to church. But when talking of man’s denominational church, no, I don’t go to church anymore.
One reason is that man’s church has utterly lost connection with the Head. That’s…

Accurate Kingdom Building: The Bronze Basin and Altar and The Courtyard

When you stepped out of the tabernacle tent you saw the bronze altar and bronze basin in its courtyard. The bronze basin was placed between the temple and the bronze altar.
The courtyard was covered with a perimeter fence made of wood frames where curtains were affixed. The bases of these frames were also of bronze, and the fence's height was 7 and half feet.
Courtyard Happenings were Special
What happened in the courtyard was for a select few to witness. The fence was taller than the average Israelite to make sure that none in the crowd outside saw what happened in the courtyard. 
The priests offered the people's offerings at the bronze altar. They would wash themselves at the bronze basin before they did anything at the altar. Holiness was vital to avoid being killed by God's wrath. Whole burnt offerings were offered at the bronze altar--often numbering countless slaughtered animals which were without defect. Only perfect offerings were allowed.
For each aspect of their lives…