"..Yet in My Flesh I Will See GOD" [Job. 19.26]

Monday, June 21, 2010

A Nation Without Sense

A nation without sense (Deu.32). God was talking about a nation led by no less than Moses, a man who saw God in person. He really saw the invisible God (Heb.11.17). That's being God's flesh! However, God performed awesome wonders for them all in Egypt, in the desert, and in the Promise Land, and yet they were a nation without sense. Amazing.

I wonder what becomes of churches led by pastors and leaders who derive authority from mere men's churches? Unlike Moses who derived power and authority straight from God. Their titles and degrees were given to them by man-made institutions. You derive power from who gave you authority. And men's institutions follow a worldly pattern of education, not God's pattern. Thus, its a church without sense. It cannot be God's flesh on earth.

When anything is without sense in God's eyes, it means they have not done things in God's ways. God had been urging the Israelites repeatedly to love God, which  meant "to walk in his ways" alone. Because his ways are his commandments and decrees (30.16). Instead, they belittled God's ways and followed the ways of the nations around them---like what denominations today are doing--they seriously follow worldly systems and trash Kingdom principles. 

They thought the "vines" and "wine" of pagan nations were better than God's vines and wine--and lots of times they mistook them as being the same. Says Deu. 32, their wine comes from Sodom and Gomorrah and their grapes are filled with poison--the venom of serpents and poison of cobras. In clusters, the grapes are also filled with bitterness. Deadly. Yet, they really believed that these were the sound doctrine.

It's hard to think why the Israelites remained stiff-necked when the fact is they often saw God's awesome power and were led by no less than God's anointed servant, Moses, whom he met face to face. Yet, they were a nation without sense. But seeing today's church denominations, it becomes easy to understand why the Israelites were that senseless. A wrong thing repeated over and over becomes sound doctrine to men. They had been seeped in Egyptian wisdom for 4 centuries and deceived by paganism for 40 years in the desert. And while trekking the desert their hearts were still filled with Egypt.

However, having Moses as their leader helped them somewhat--it enabled them to see truth a bit and leave Egypt and proceed to the Promise Land. They also crossed the Jordan and took their inheritance in Canaan. But apparently Moses was not enough. God's power displays were simply ignored. They were still a nation without sense. In Joshua's time they disobeyed God's instructions through Moses and failed to wipe out the Canaan inhabitants. And they did even worse in the Book of Judges. They were, indeed, a nation without sense. 

Now, imagine how a church stands in God's eyes if it does not have a Moses to lead them--a genuinely anointed man of God, anointed supernaturally (not through man's institutions) as Moses was--in fact, as Jesus was, and as Peter, John and even Paul and all the Acts apostles and prophets were. If your church is headed by a mere bible school or seminary graduate, even with titles and degrees, your church is one without any sense, and that's to the maximum sense!
Man's church (denominations) feeds its members with vine and wine and grapes from spiritual Sodom and Gomorrah--full of venom and poison from cobras and serpents--or devils and demons. Thus, there's today a systematic poisoning of the church, making it more without sense, making it worse as it does more things "for God." And the only thing that will rescue it is when it goes back to doing everything in God's ways alone--becoming authentically God's flesh on earth.