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How The Bible Kills You

How the bible kills you. Wow, what a title for a Christian blog article. Are you shocked? I bet you clicked this article real fast to see what this heresy is all about. Well, don't blame me--the apostle Paul wrote about it and I'm merely writing it here in my own plain version. Go check it out--the bible can kill you.

"I realized that the very Word or commandment that was designed to give me life actually brought me death," [Rom.7.10].
See? How is this possible? It happens when you study or meditate the bible while still in sin. Say, you're now a so-called born-again Christian, even very active in church, but you still harbor or enjoy a little sin here and there because, anyway, silly preachers say you're saved by grace (so you don't have to tire yourself trying to be ultra good and clean) and impress on people indirectly that being in sin is okay because anyway, you're saved by grace and God understands you. We're not saved by works or by being go…

Death that Destroys the Devil

Hebrews chapter 2 is full of powerful Kingdom principles we should discover for ourselves--like the death that destroys the devil. They're hidden deep in the words and only the Holy Spirit's power can open our eyes to them. Like the power of Jesus' death. That death destroys the devil [2.14]. Hebrews declares that the devil holds the power of death, but Jesus' death destroys the devil. And that death can be ours.
How can death be victorious over anything, especially the devil? We picture death as the end, and often, an end that is anything but glorious. It's defeat. We cry over people who die. Even Christian churches do it. They follow solemn funeral and interment programs with very formal eulogies because no one dares laugh during those moments. Well, some do laugh, but not out of victory but out of fond memories with the departed. Few deeply realize that death is gain. 
Paul told the Thessalonians that they shouldn't be like those who were ignorant about who…