"..Yet in My Flesh I Will See GOD" [Job. 19.26]

Saturday, April 21, 2012

How The Bible Kills You

How the bible kills you. Wow, what a title for a Christian blog article. Are you shocked? I bet you clicked this article real fast to see what this heresy is all about. Well, don't blame me--the apostle Paul wrote about it and I'm merely writing it here in my own plain version. Go check it out--the bible can kill you.

"I realized that the very Word or commandment that was designed to give me life actually brought me death," [Rom.7.10].

See? How is this possible? It happens when you study or meditate the bible while still in sin. Say, you're now a so-called born-again Christian, even very active in church, but you still harbor or enjoy a little sin here and there because, anyway, silly preachers say you're saved by grace (so you don't have to tire yourself trying to be ultra good and clean) and impress on people indirectly that being in sin is okay because anyway, you're saved by grace and God understands you. We're not saved by works or by being good. And no one is perfect. Well, we are saved by grace alone. But after that salvation--when my Jesus lives 100 percent in you--then comes perfection and true holiness.

Going back to using grace as a license to sin. So, you buy that and other human theological garbage and then read or study the bible, even indepth, while in sin. You know what it will produce in you? Hellish DEATH! It will kill you. More plainly, God's Word will kill you spiritually and produce nothing but hellish death in you. That's how the bible kills you. While you play religious in your evangelical church and lead the worship and preside and teach Sunday school and quote verses here and there like you're so spiritual, what really happens in the spirit is that you lose genuine connection with God and the personal relationship you think you have with Jesus gradually disintegrates. Watch this:

"Because sin in me, taking advantage of the opportunity given by God's Word, made a real fool of me without my noticing it, and through God's very Word put me to death," [Rom.7.11].

Paul later reminded his readers that God's Law is really holy and righteous. But it will kill you if you don't get out of sinning, exactly how God's Law killed people who approached the Ark of the Covenant unworthily. That Kingdom principle is still very much alive.

Now, why did people die when they approached the Ark unworthily? It was not the Ark itself but what was in it--God's 2 tablets where he himself wrote the 10 commandments, the staff of Aaron that budded, and the jar of manna that fell from heaven--which all symbolized my Jesus, and Jesus is the Word of God. See the connection? And that's how the bible kills you, too. You partake of God's Word while sinning, you die.

Paul told the Corinthians, you cannot eat at God's table (communion) and eat at the devil's table too. He added that, the reason many of them fell asleep (or dead) was because they partook of the Lord's supper unworthily. It's not the communion bread per se that really does the killing; it's the Word. Following God's Word--like taking communion--without genuine repentance can kill you. For instance, if you take communion but are guilty of praying to Mary or praying to saints' statues or images, you die spiritually without knowing it--fact, you may even feel blessed. Bread is just flour and oil and water, and the wine we drink is just red grapes. These won't kill us. But the desecrated Word will, especially spiritually.

How the Bible Gives You Life

However, when studied with the holiness that the Holy Spirit powerfully provides to all serious believers, God's Word produces life, abundantly at that. And that life is Jesus' own LIFE. After all, that life is in God's son.  The more you "eat" of the Word the more Christ is formed in you in ever-increasing glory. Even your casual reading and browsing of the bible can result to tremendous feasting for your spirit. Holiness and the Word are inseparable for LIFE..and being God's flesh.