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Naaman Spirit: Addicted to Greatness

Naaman was addicted to greatness, same as many church people are. Just look at pastors--they want to handle the biggest church building, have the biggest ministry, have the biggest membership, have the biggest income, accomplish great things for God, and get the most number of titles. They want to have the biggest concert, be the most popular, and have the most number of bible studies. Big is always in.
The Greatest Shall be the Least
Naaman was like that. He was a great Aramean general who was pampered by great accompishment and special attention. I can imagine how he must have loved being greeted in public as the Pharisees were in Jesus' time. But Naaman was up for God's promotion so he needed to be humbled. The greatest shall be the least of all. So God allowed him to contract leprosy. In the eyes of the blind world that was bad news--but to God it was a precursor of true Kingdom greatness.
An Israelite servant girl of Naaman's wife mentioned God's prophet in Israel…