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Did I Really Write That?

Now and then I read my own e-books---what I wrote years ago---and I often marvel. Was it really me who wrote them? They sound so radical and out-of-this-world (or stuff definitely not for churchy folks).

Like this e-book, "God's Flesh" which I started writing, I think, in 2002. The original book is already lost so I started writing a new God's Flesh in 2005. This is the present God's Flesh e-book I'm selling now. And reading it again today, I was blessed with new revelations. It sounded like somebody else wrote it, not me.

Can I write something like that?

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I was amazed especially by what I said on glory---increasing glory versus fading glory, fading life, mirrored glory, surpassing glory, transformed versus changed, never-perish life, ever-increasing glory and what clay jars really are, among many others. The radical insights are something you won't hear in most churches or in seminaries. I r…