"..Yet in My Flesh I Will See GOD" [Job. 19.26]

Monday, November 28, 2016

Did I Really Write That?

Now and then I read my own e-books---what I wrote years ago---and I often marvel. Was it really me who wrote them? They sound so radical and out-of-this-world (or stuff definitely not for churchy folks).

Like this e-book, "God's Flesh" which I started writing, I think, in 2002. The original book is already lost so I started writing a new God's Flesh in 2005. This is the present God's Flesh e-book I'm selling now. And reading it again today, I was blessed with new revelations. It sounded like somebody else wrote it, not me.

Can I write something like that?

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I was amazed especially by what I said on glory---increasing glory versus fading glory, fading life, mirrored glory, surpassing glory, transformed versus changed, never-perish life, ever-increasing glory and what clay jars really are, among many others. The radical insights are something you won't hear in most churches or in seminaries. I really doubt if you'd hear them anywhere else but in my e-book.

Church revival services are said to be the answer to church spiritual decline. That is, if you haven't really seen Jesus yet. But if you've seen the LIFE which is the light of men (really have a close personal encounter with the LIFE and the Author of Life), you'd see how church revival services are a total waste of time. They're even sometimes a deception.

Church revival services are NOT the answer to keeping the church spiritually alive. Instead, the glory that the Father and Son had from the beginning and now still shares together and shares with us (through the power of the Spirit) is the only answer. And that glory can be had only through a personal close encounter with the LIFE, face-to-face.

Church programs invented by men are garbage. Programs serve only as limitations. Blockage. With church programs you cannot be like the wind that freely blows wherever it wills. Often, worship programs just prevent you from going closer to Jesus. You become a robot that cannot relate beyond what the system or program fed it allows.

Radical and heretical, isn't it? Well, no wonder the religious orders in his day murdered Jesus. He told them the truth and they killed him. They probably said, "Why can't this Jesus just do it the traditional way, how we have always been doing things comfortably?"

That's God's Flesh---you hear the truth from God, live it out daily, and soon people persecute you. I don't know why, but they get so mad at you even if you just live a quiet, simple but radical life. So there's the warning. Living the life of God in Christ (being God's flesh) invites anger and persecution from religious people.

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