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Wasting Time and Energy on a Restless Ministry?

Christ is coming back soon, so most churches and ministries today work double-time to "evangelize" people by hook or by crook. They'd do anything that works, especially anything that cramps people into their church buildings. The common notion is that the Great Commission is done by upping church membership.

Once their churches have become mega in membership, you see the happy, fulfilled expressions on their faces, thinking they have done God's will. And often, they look down on other churches that have remained small and "not growing." To them, growth is none other than numerical (especially financial), although sometimes they may hint on seemingly favoring "quality spiritual growth." But don't count on it. They only say that to sound spiritual. In reality, growth to them is numerical, period. Numbers in membership and finances.

Ministry with a Worldly System

Almost everyone has forgotten that everything should be done as Jesus did church and…

"Looking Good On the Outside" Ministry

Because most churches today are merely concerned of external aesthetics (how beautiful everything in church looks), they belong to what I call the LoGOTO ministry. Nice building, program, income, membership, music, activities, ministries. Nice all, as far as the physical eyes can see.
King Saul was concerned about looking good on the outside (LoGOTO). Though he understood the principle of seeking the Lord's favor first before doing anything [1 Samuel 13.12] to win big battles, he did it the wrong way. He felt compelled to do it himself instead of letting Samuel do it. It's important to seek the Lord's favor to win battles, not seek blessings. Many churches just seek blessings but lose spiritual battles.

However, there is a Kingdom protocol for getting God's favor. First, worship must be done God's way. That time, the requirement was that only a priest could offer burnt offerings. Saul was not a priest so he should've let Samuel, priest and prophet of God, do i…