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This Kid was All-Out for Jesus

A Supernatural, not Logical, Mind

The story went like this. Jesus and his disciples needed to feed 5,000 men (if we add the women and kids, they'd probably number more than 10 thousand).

Out there in the wilds, where would they find food to do this? And it would cost a lot, too much for their available budget to afford, if they decide to buy food for the attendees.

According to John, the Master tested his disciples---how would their minds see their situation? "Where shall we buy bread for these people to eat?" he asked them. Who'd think logically like smart earthlings would and who'd think radically like Jesus? Well, they all used their earthly logic. Matthew tells us some disciples said the place they were in was too far and it was getting late. Jesus had better sent the crowd to the villages to buy food. Sounds proper.

John tells us how some thought it was too costly even for each one to have just one bite of food. It wasn't practical, in short.

But one lit…

The Problem with Pastoral Movements and Alliances

It's good to meet together for fellowship. It's what Hebrews 10.25 tells us. But we should meet together for something that really fulfills God's will, not just meet together per se. A lot of pastoral get-togethers are meetings that really lead to nowhere.

I know that lots of ministers will get offended by this article. But that's how the prophets of old also declared truth---offending people with truth and even getting killed doing so. I know pastors have the best interests at heart for forming associations and alliances and meetings. But what do they really achieve? They say they do it so there would be unity in the body.

I have observed in a lot of pastoral meetings, remaining in the background so I can see the picture from the outside, and I always note that despite their "club" meetings they really remain disunited. For instance, there was this bible study among pastors of different denominations. They discussed on a passage that started well. But soon,…