Thursday, April 8, 2010

God Blesses Abundantly in Judgment

Many would raise the eyebrows at this statement: God often blesses abundantly when he gives a final judgment to the wicked. While he holds blessings for the righteous and releases it gradually so it won't be so obvious to the wicked. Often, he wants it to look like the righteous receive nothing so that the wicked will revel in their wickedness. 

"He (the sinner) seldom reflects on the days of his life because God keeps him occupied with gladness of heart," (Ecc.5). I've seen wicked people enjoy riches way beyond their need, thinking themselves blessed and favored by God, so they never look deeper into their hearts to see deep-seated wickedness there to repent from. They settle in their comfort zones.

When God sees that you are beyond repair and repentance (John says there is a sin that cannot be forgiven) he blinds you with comfort zones and so much material blessings to keep you occupied, too busy with enjoyment to think seriously of repentance and a genuine holy life. Thus, the more the blessings in wickedness, the closer you are to final judgment. 

The righteous, on the other hand, receive meager supplies of blessings--although they are truly blessed and favored in God's eyes--to appear unblessed to carnal people. In this way, the wicked are dissuaded from following the example of the righteous, because the wicked gauges everything in money terms. If you have not much money, you are not blessed. 

They say, if a church has little or no income, it is not blessed. And because they are blessed financially and materially, then they must be doing the right thing. That is the blessing principle of the wicked, and that comfort zone mentality will lead them to a terrible final judgment. If you teach them what is right, they first look at your lot in life. Are you well off? Do you have money? If so, then you must be in the right track. They'll follow you. If not, they won't believe a thing you say. They may be "touched" or "blessed" by the message, by they won't buy it. 

When you see people drowning in blessings so that they are blinded by their comfort zones, they have signed up themselves for their dismal final judgment.

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