"..Yet in My Flesh I Will See GOD" [Job. 19.26]

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Learning From the "Experts"

The experts. They know everything--they passed through the phases of formal, systematic learning. They have the titles and degrees to show for it. They have been doing the job for years--they have the years of experience. They alone know what is right and wrong. They have the licenses to tell people right from left.

The experts religiously follow to the letter the established system. The system works--it's been proven--and it is definitely the answer to all the problems. The system has grown big churches through the centuries, produced great theologians. There can be no other. They are the experts--we should all learn from them.

Jesus never learned from the experts. He questioned them, and they were astonished. He said they had all the correct teachings--but they never followed them. They always preferred their traditions, even way back from the Old Testament. 

They claimed there was only one way--their way--and everyone believed them for centuries, until Jesus came. If Jesus had learned from the experts, he would have ended up carrying the titles and degrees men have invented. Today, he would probably insist on being called "Dr. Rev. Jesus." Back then, he would have been as systematic as they were--as programmed as they were. Like Nicodemus was.

Nicodemus grew up in the system. He was systematic and programed--thus, he didn't understand the Kingdom concept of soaring free--"the wind blows wherever it wills." He always asked, "How can this be?" though he was Israel's titled and degreed teacher. 

The experts fought Jesus hard--even killed him in the end. Experts always do that--they stick to their system even if they see its decadence, and target for elimination anyone who challenges it. The experts today are worse than their counterparts in Jesus' time. Because Jesus declared that men and their intricate systems will just get from bad to worse.

The spirit of Pharisaicalism is alive today, and its experts man their posts zealously. They reject and trash anything radical, new, or contrary--because they do not want their comfort zones disturbed. 

Jesus once told of a parable: a vineyard was left to the experts by the Owner. The Owner left for a far away country and just sent His servants now and then to collect His fruit. The experts shooed them off--persecuted or killed them. When they saw the Son, they killed him so they can take the vineyard for themselves. 
Man, even some church people, will keep getting worse--and will be at their worst when they see the Son in the last days. Why? They want to have God's church for themselves, in the Name of the Lord they hate. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the story of Patch Adams--the radical medical practitioner who introduced a radical way of treating patients. He was lambasted by traditional colleagues because of his very different treatment style and almost defiant way of practicing his profession. He maintained that doctors ought to help patients enjoy life amid ailments, not just treat them. 

What Adams is to the medical field, lots of radical Jesus followers are to the church. I recommend reading Adams' book and watching his DVD. I think they are a must for radical Jesus disciples.