"..Yet in My Flesh I Will See GOD" [Job. 19.26]

Friday, September 10, 2010

Micah: Chief Among Mountains

In the last days, Micah says (Chap. 4) The Lord's mountain will be established. The Lord's mountain is the mountain of His presence. The same as with God's Zion and Jerusalem. In the natural, Jerusalem will be more favored than other nations. But more so in the spirit, Zion and Jerusalem--the Lord's mountain presence--will be established. In other words, God's flesh on earth will be in full blast. 

"It will be raised above the hills..." 

Chief among the mountains. There are other mountains being established. Man's mountains. Here in Manila, men's mountains suddenly pop up---garbage mountains. Denominational mountains, too. Mountains of mundane achievements and accomplishments. Earthly successes. Everyone's on a mountain climbing of some sort these days, trying to make a name for themselves. Even churches. 

But the Lord's mountain will be established as the chief mountain. Make sure it's the Lord's mountain you're climbing. Your career climbing will all be put to nothing. The Lord's mountain alone will be established by God. 

You better realize this truth now. Once the Lord's mountain is raised above the hills, and you're found on top of another mountain, it might be too late to go down and start climbing the Lord's mountain. It's easy to see, if you can see in the spirit, that other mountains are mere hills compared to God's mountain. 

But hills have a tricky way of appearing like high mountains, until you get to their tops, and there discover that they're really just hills. And there in the distance you see a really high mountain, established by God. Always choose the mountain of God. It's the only place where you get God's flesh on you.