"..Yet in My Flesh I Will See GOD" [Job. 19.26]

Monday, December 6, 2010

Micah: Break Nations to Pieces like Pottery

The church will be revived tremendously in the last days one more time before the end comes. The revived glorious church of Jesus, without spot or wrinkle, will be given such power and strength, "iron horns (and) bronze hoofs to break the nations to pieces with," [Micah 4.13-14].

This is fulfilled in Revelations: "To the overcomer obedient to my will to the end, I will give authority over the nations, to rule them with an iron scepter and dash the same like pieces of pottery...just as the Father gave me authority...I will give him the morning star," [Rev.2.26-29].

But the church, like Jerusalem, will first be dashed into pieces like pottery. There must first be a breaking of strongholds. A punishment to "go to Babylon" for purging and wailing in repentance. The hard ground must be broken and tilled before any planting and harvest can happen. God will destroy first the church and raise it up in Christ. Man's church must die first before the Jesus church will rise up and open the grave where men's churches kept Jesus "dead." And then release resurrection power that turned the world upside down. But this time, nations will be broken to pieces and burned with fire.

The glorious church will dash nations to pieces, not by actual war, but by the Word of God, the fiery spoken Word that destroys and burns anything of man. Nations will rebel and revolt against the pure and genuinely anointed preaching of the Gospel, the very LIFE of Jesus Christ in flesh form. And as they do, God will break their spirits and lambaste them to total surrender and subservience. And genuine wealth transfer will take place.

The church will be willingly handed (no need to solicit or beg for money as churches do today) the wealth of nations. And at that time, the true church will be so glorious and pure and holy that everything will be turned over "to the Lord of all the earth," unlike today when churches and ministers fatten themselves up with riches for their own sakes, for their denominational expansionism, not totally surrender wealth and possessions for Kingdom Come.