"..Yet in My Flesh I Will See GOD" [Job. 19.26]

Monday, December 20, 2010

Micah: God's Remnant--Fierce Lions

Image from Kidcyber.
God designed the remnant like a fierce young lion amid nations, "mauling and mangling" as it roams and spreads around [Micah 5.7-9]. That's power made perfect in weakness. From being "lame" and weak, God transforms the remnant into a fierce lion from which "no one can rescue."

This lion will be in the midst of nations, "like dew or showers from God on the grass." They overwhelm and cover and give refreshment. But they also "maul and mangle."

The Word of God in these remnants is like a weapon, like iron horns and bronze hoofs that "break into pieces the nations" [413]. The Word from their mouths will be fierce and offensive, radically demolishing strongholds and even what man invented for "ministry" derived from also the Word, but adulterated. This remnant God chooses in the end times will radically turn the world upside down.


"(Like dew and showers from God) they will not wait or linger for man" [5.7]. The chosen remnant in these last days will do everything in God's ways and Word. Like dew and showers from God. Have you ever heard of dew or rain being dependent on man? Even cloud seeding is often unsuccessful when God opts to frustrate it. Weathermen cannot be absolutely sure if cloud seeding will give them what they want, where they want it. Only God can command dew and showers. The same with God's end-time revivalists.

"Your hand will be raised up being champ over your enemies--all of your foes will be totally ruined." God's remnants do not know a thing about spiritual defeat or carnality or any dead moment. They have nothing but total success over the enemy even in the face of severe trials and persecution. But the Word in their mouths will demolish the fake and the wicked. This is the genuine glorious church of Jesus Christ. The rest who pretend are garbage.