"..Yet in My Flesh I Will See GOD" [Job. 19.26]

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Jesus DNA Transfer

Life is really defined by the kind of spiritual DNA that flows over or gets imparted into our lives. What life quality we manifest depends on where we source life. If it's Jesus's life, we should manifest its abundance, and this means our lives should reflect his sufferings. The cross is the greatest blessing of all. The Jesus cross is life abundance. This is what we should have in a Jesus DNA transfer.

"Just as Christ's sufferings flow over (or are imparted) to our lives, so also through Him our comfort overflows," [2Cor.1]. When the Jesus DNA is transferred to us through our radical and extreme intimacy with him and through a genuine Jesus discipleship, the natural result produced is "patient endurance" of the very same afflictions your discipler suffers. Here's the mechanics: As your discipler walks closer with Jesus (living his life on earth), and he also walks closer to his discipler, the Jesus DNA is imparted to him. There's a genuine Jesus DNA transfer from his discipler to him. Then, as you walk closer with Jesus (living his life on earth) and also walk closer with your discipler, there's a real Jesus DNA transfer.

The life quality is all sourced from Jesus. You all begin looking like Jesus because you have shed off your former lives and are now living the Jesus life on earth. You have the Jesus mindset, heart, and spirit, and even the Jesus mannerisms, behavior, facial expressions, and speech. You even get his smell and his laughter (his joy will be in you, see?). Because it is Jesus really living in each one of you. There's real Jesus DNA transfer, and it goes in ever-increasing glory.

This paves the way to a genuinely completely united church--that one, singular church of Jesus, perfectly whole and one, acting as one man, because each one has the Jesus DNA. We think and talk and move the same.

The life of Christ really does flow over into our lives, and topmost of this is his sufferings. It has been granted to us not only to believe in Jesus but also to share in his sufferings. His sufferings kill our flesh, starves our ego dead. This is how we eat his flesh and drink his blood and get genuine eternal life. He said, unless we eat his flesh and drink his blood, we have no real life in us. In other words, unless the Jesus DNA transfer becomes a daily reality in us, we have no eternal life, no matter if we claim to be born again.