"..Yet in My Flesh I Will See GOD" [Job. 19.26]

Saturday, June 11, 2011

When Lust Turns to Rape

Two sisters, Oholah and Oholibah, were into prostitution since their youth in Egypt, says God. Later on, Oholah, the older, was forcibly "stripped naked" (or raped) and killed by her Assyrian lovers and took her sons away. However, her sister, Oholibiah, did worse. She carried on with her prostitution with the Assyrians and Babylonians, but later "turned away in disgust of them," like how raped victims would feel.

This discussion is vital for being God's flesh on earth.

When God talked of this to Ezekiel in chapter 23, he was actually talking about Israel and Judah, the sisters. God was talking of his "chosen" people. They were prostitutes who learned the trade in Egypt and carried it on to their nationhood. They fondly recalled their lust days in Egypt as they committed sexual immorality with the Assyrians and Babylonians.

Sin is that dirty in God eyes, particularly idolatry. It's an evil sexual act. You have an idol in your heart, God sees  it as committing illicit sex. And illicit sex can later turn into rape. When your illicit sexual partner forcibly strips you naked, lust turns to rape. And it kills you and takes away your sons. Churches (God's people) with idols in their hearts commit illicit sex with the devil and the devil later rapes the church and takes away its sons. The number one heart idol of churches is their denominationalism.

Some churches take their lust to the next level. Like Oholibah, they commit illicit sex with various heart idols, especially those who try to turn their churches into a corporate organization instead of God's family. They try to imitate what the world does and run the church like how the world runs corporations. It all started when churches began desiring to be big churches by adopting worldly marketing strategies. This is their Egypt. And later looked more worldly than the world--their "lust" for Assyrians and Babylonians.

They wanted to look posh and applauded and praised by the world. They used the world's standard in deciding what is success and failure. They weigh success by how much money is involved and how big and grand things look.They worship anything "successful." It's not how faithful but how effective.

"You sat elegantly on a luxury couch, with a costly table spread in front where worship oil and incense you offered to your gods should've been offered to me." Rape always starts out tickling and appetizing. But later, "the mob will stone and cut them down and kill their sons and daughters."

Amid the wholesale prostitution among God's people, God always raises up true righteous people who will zealously preach against prostitution and idolatry in church and promote genuine and rigid holiness. These are God's truly anointed servants who will fiercely preach against sin, looking like they are judgmental doomsday preachers the church will hate. "But truly righteous men will judge and convict them to the punishment given to adulterous women, due to the latter's adultery and the blood on their hands."

Spiritual lust can lead to spiritual rape, when the rapist forcibly strips you naked, kills you, and takes your sons away. In the end, it's the young in the church that suffer the worse results from what their predecessors did. Many Christians today active in church are not aware that the enemy has stripped them naked (without white garments for the wedding event, stripped of Jesus, and pitifully powerless), and are now being butchered to death in spirit.

True Christianity is being God's flesh on earth. It's having Jesus living your life daily, it's HIM wearing your skin.