"..Yet in My Flesh I Will See GOD" [Job. 19.26]

Thursday, July 28, 2011

In Him is No Sin

In him is no sin.

Wow! I love to hear the sound of that. I love to meditate it till it becomes me, till I and my fleshly desires melt away and that Word starts living my life. I want to do it daily, each moment, by God's enabling grace.

The doctrine of holiness has been taught and preached for centuries, but its real power has never been fully realized. All we have seen through church holiness history is a faint idea of what it can do for us. Church people themselves have always downplayed the real power of genuine holiness.

Some years ago, we saw some holiness preachers, teachers, and theologians tried a measure of holy living in Christ. But they never went beyond. They never did it as radical as my Jesus did it. They still reserved a little something for the flesh, adding to their doctrines some room for sin, in case the believer got carried away again by sin unnoticed. They placed somewhere in their teachings some justifications for sin, saying God understands that we are mere dust, still in the flesh, and thus susceptible to sinning. They stubbornly maintained that they were "saved sinners."

They were afraid to go radically all-out for Jesus in holiness, afraid to take seriously what Jesus commanded his disciples--"Be ye perfect like your Father is perfect." And the church has been like that through the years--always timid to go radically all-out, 100 percent daily holy living in the power of the Holy Spirit. But John realized the spirit potential in Christ when he declared with full assurance that, "In him is no sin."

In Jesus is no sin. If you are in Christ, you should have no sin. Anyone in Christ is a new creation, THE OLD IS PAST...the new has come.

Yes, those holiness preachers of long ago did manage to have a measure of holiness in them, being good, sounding good, and looking good, keeping out of sin, but that's all they demonstrated about holiness--keeping yourself good. Some went further and showed themselves Mr. Nice Guys. But my Jesus was never a Mr. Nice Guy. He was crucified for living a holy life, and very few experience that today. Why? Because they water down genuine holiness.

Real holiness, the same brand of holiness God has, gets you crucified. People hate you for it. You don't become Mr. Nice Guy. You live it daily and people get judged and condemned by your life, ways, character, and words, without you intentionally doing it. They see you as dangerous and mad. They see you as a threat. They want you eliminated. They marvel at your daring spirituality in Christ--they see your spiritual stature--and yet hate you for it, too. Thus they treated my Jesus. Thus they will treat anyone who is dead serious and radical about living a genuinely holy life in Christ, without ifs or buts.

They can't live without sin. They hate the idea of living without sin. These Christians will be the first to stand up and defend sin in Christians. They will never believe that sin can be eliminated in this life, in this flesh we have on. They will cite all their denominational doctrines and sacred literature to nullify real Jesus-holiness, and yet at the same time declare that they belong to a holiness church or that they believe in holiness. It's a holiness with a big "but." Yeah, they believe in holiness, in fact they are a holiness church, but...

Theirs is a holiness the world understands and likes. They designed it to attract more people to their membership and keep them. It's what Paul called, "a form of godliness, but they deny the real power of holiness." They keep on learning, Paul added, but they never really change. John put it this way:

"They are from the world and speak from the world's point of view. Sure enough, the world listens to these 'Christians.' [1Jn.4.5]. Their brand of holiness is designed to be liked by the world. Yeah, you can be born again and still be a sinner, a "saved sinner," whatever that is.

Genuine born again Christians are NOT "saved sinners." They are saved saints--people saved by Jesus from sin and made holy by God through the power of the Holy Spirit. Saved saints! In him is no sin. Saved saints don't continue to sin. They are in Christ and have no sin. Anyone born of God cannot continue sinning. Those who continue to sin are children of the devil, John powerfully declared. Anyone born of God overcomes the world! That is truth written by God in his Word--not some biblical doctrinal invention written by some theologians considered great by their denominations.

These fakes would render it this way: "Oh yeah, anyone born of God overcomes the world, BUT you see, we are still in the flesh, and as long as we're like this, we'd be susceptible to sinning. We cannot really be holy. That verse in the bible should not be taken literally."

And you know why they say such things? Because they want to defend their own sinfulness. They defend their life experience (they do this using bible verses) and trash God's truth.

Experience should adjust to God's truth, not the other way around.

And the truth is, we can stop sinning forever. God's Word declared that it is possible in Christ. If we let my Jesus live our lives daily--if it is HIM who lives in us, not us anymore--we get rid of sin forever. IT IS POSSIBLE! And this truth the church has not realized fully. In its timidity, it keeps watering this powerful truth down to impotence. It always plays safe by giving sinners a comfort zone. And not only this.

The church also forfeits itself of the true tremendous power of holiness by consistently negating its real power. Real holiness from God in Christ can make us do awesome, supernatural things in the realms of God, just like what Jesus did. We can operate straight from God's own realms and from there launch big spiritual maneuvers to win wars in the Spirit. Remember, the Son of Man appeared to destroy the works of the devil. The church has not done that. The devil has even perpetrated his evil works right inside the church, even through many denominational church leaders. If your ministry does not destroy the works of the devil, it is not a genuine Jesus ministry. It is the work of the devil.

With genuine holiness lived daily in Christ, we can launch major attacks against the enemy and destroy his works. That's one of the awesome powers of real holiness--if we take holiness seriously, and not just teach it and make denominational doctrines out of it to lure people to our membership.

Be aware: This is now the age of the glorious church of Jesus Christ, without spot or wrinkle or any other blemish. God is now spiritually destroying "Christian" churches that do not believe Jesus has come in the flesh. Jesus coming in the flesh means we should have Jesus Christ living our lives daily to the full, 100 percent. And this means genuine holiness. Jesus in our flesh cannot sin. That's genuine God's flesh!

How About God Making Power Perfect in Our Weakness?

God makes power perfect in weakness (if you do not believe in perfection in Christ, you cannot understand and experience this powerful Word). Weakness here does not mean fallibility to sin. It means our full reliance on the power of God, 100 percent, with zero reliance on our efforts and capacity. A holy life in Christ plus full reliance on God equals perfect power in Jesus! Many churches rely on their own efforts when they plan and make programs and sermon outlines and rely on their titles, degrees, and seminaries. God wants raw Holy Spirit supernatural power. The Kingdom of God is not talk but power, said Paul. Many churches never stop doing their own thing in their own efforts for years, hence, they remain weak churches, without any stature in the spirit realms.