"..Yet in My Flesh I Will See GOD" [Job. 19.26]

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fathering Your Family

I had written a blog here on True Fathers in Church and I thought of adding another blog on how to father your own family. Again, most fathers in church know nothing about fathering their families because all they know is on becoming a biological father. Most churches do not know anything about how fathers ought to father their families in the spiritual realms.
Fathers are spiritual entry or exit points to their families. The devil cannot do anything to harm your family except what you, the father, allows him to. And your power to block the enemy's entry depends on the strength of your connection to the Father in heaven. Unless you tie up the strong man, you cannot (gain entry and) rob his house. Fathers are strong men--or at least they're supposed to be. 
John said in his first letter (chapter 2): "I write to you fathers because you know God who is from the beginning." If you have such strong connections with the Father, then everything else follows---children who are forgiven of sins and young men who are strong in the Word, who know the Father, and who are stronger than Satan, the evil one. It's all in the father of the house.
The same principle governs churches. Pastors should be the spiritual father of the church. The church can only be as strong as the pastor, as the family can only be as strong as the father. The wife can only be glorious as the husband is glorious, because the wife only reflects the husband's glory. Thus, the bible says, woman is the glory of man. What the man is, the woman emanates as her glory. So, woman is man's glory. 
If dad and mom are very alive in Christ, exhibiting His LIFE, then dad can father his kids powerfully. The father can then face the enemy at the gates because his quiver is full of powerful arrows. The book of Psalms says children are a heritage from the Lord and they act as spiritual "arrows" in the father's quiver. The father can then face and defeat the enemy at the gate--the enemy cannot enter the family realm to destroy it.
We must be aware that devils are out to destroy families to prevent the next generation of believers from entering the inheritance in the "promise land." If you have a rotten or ruined marriage, anything you do in church is garbage, especially if you are a pastor. Stop everything and restore your marriage or family. 
Effectively fathering your family is vital. It is among the few very important principles of genuine Kingdom building. If you are not fathering your family, you can never be part of God's Kingdom building on earth. And your family is easy target for devils to demolish.