"..Yet in My Flesh I Will See GOD" [Job. 19.26]

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Micah: God’s People—God’s Enemy

Micah warned God’s people about God’s plan.

We often think pleasantly about God’s plan. We claim to desire it so badly. But if we do things contrary to His ways, God’s plan will work against us. In fact, God plans destruction, not LIFE, once we go against His ways. “My Word does good to those whose ways are upright, right?” (Micah 2.7). God’s ways alone in Scripture are upright. All others, like denominationalism, are against His ways. Jesus desires all true believers to be completely united. How complete? As the Father and Son are one (Jn.17). Denominationalism works contrary to this.

Their Own Power

When God’s people work contrary to His ways, they become God’s enemies. “Lately, my people have risen up like an enemy,” (Micah 2.8) Why? Because they plan evil and carry it out in their own power (Micah 2.1). It happens automatically—you use your own ways, you use your own power. Human effort is zero in the spiritual realms. Everything has to be done in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Even if you have the noblest and sincerest intentions, even if you do it for God, even if you sound so bible-based about it all, if you do not do it in God’s ways alone, your plans are nothing to God but “evil” (Micah 2.1). He looks at plans derived from human ways and efforts as coveting and seizing fields and houses (that’s probably your church planting and evangelism), and defrauding people of their homes and inheritance (you can never enjoy heaven and true salvation through human ways and efforts). Making people believe so is deception or defrauding.


Hence, God says He has a plan—disaster. And this is more of spiritual in nature. You may look prosperous materially, but spiritually you’re dying, heading towards disaster. Revelations says some churches will look alive in the last days but they are really dead. God’s plan, says Micah, also involves a spiritual calamity that demolishes pride, one that the world will laugh at and mock. No wonder many denominational churches today are weak and powerless and ignored and even laughed at by the world.

The Acts church turned the world upside down (Acts 17). The modern church today is ignored by the world. In fact, the world turns it upside down. The church is worldlier than the world. The church copies from the world. It’s no longer Spirit-led; it is world-led. Most churches are known, not for God’s power and authority, but for solicitations and begging for donations and running after people to up their memberships. These spell spiritual disaster.

“Men will make fun of and mock you in that day, taunting you with these sad lines: ‘We are ruined—our possessions are divided up and God gives them to traitors (or the undeserving).’”

Anti Prophetic

Another thing that angered God in Micah’s time was God’s people being anti-prophetic. The other prophets were urging Micah not to preach bad and negative things. They wanted to hear only about blessings and God’s unconditional love and how He accepted them as they were—things to this effect. “Do not prophesy about these negative things you claim to hear from God,” they told Micah. “Disgrace won’t happen to us. Does the Lord get angry at His people? Does He really plan evil for His people?” they added.

They thought God hated only the sin, not the sinner. Well, they were about to get the shock of their lives: God’s people—God’s enemies.

Church people today so loathe judgment and discipline. They insist that we “Judge not that you may not be judged.” They forget that Jesus also said “Make a right judgment.” Paul said we will judge the world, angels, and those in the church. The prophetic Move of God powerfully declares God’s Truth; and in so doing it judges, showing people what is right from wrong. It’s inevitable. If the church does not judge rightly (according to the leading of the Spirit), the next generation of God’s people will lose their inheritance. God deplores that “You take away my blessing from their children forever,” (Micah 2.9). And added hopelessness by saying, “it is hopelessly ruined.” God’s people—God’s enemies.

Pro-False Prophets

How did they choose their prophet? If the prophet always sounded positive, they accepted him as their official prophet. They didn’t want anything to do with judgment. They took pride in their prosperity gospel that maintained the status quo and protected their comfort zones. Just like many churches today. They abhor critical and judgmental messages, giving such messages a bad name. “If a deceiver and liar tells you, ‘I preach you nothing but blessings and plenty,’ you will elect him unanimously as your prophet!”

There are preachers who have a critical demon, and their aim is just to show themselves or their denominations better. They are defenders of their denomination—mere denomination propagandists.

But God is raising up true prophets today who denounce, criticize, judge, and condemn anything not of God. They are God's flesh on earth. They promote that the only things acceptable are God’s Word and Ways. These are Jesus-type prophets. They are God’s flesh on earth. They belong to no denomination. They will break open the way to God and start a break through to a higher Spirit dimension. “The man who breaks open the way will go higher before them; and then, they will break through the gateway and be free to go out. Their king will walk before them, the Lord leading them.”