"..Yet in My Flesh I Will See GOD" [Job. 19.26]

Thursday, August 18, 2011

"That We May Present Each Believer Perfect in Christ"

Truth is so offensive that so many "Christian" churches today either hide it or water it down. I'm tired of hearing church people say that we cannot be perfect or being born again does not make you perfect. And yet countless times in Scriptures God points me to his Word powerfully stressing perfection in Christ.

In fact, genuine ministry, according to the bible, is a Jesus-discipleship that aims to present each believer "perfect in Christ." Now, church smart alecks (who are really fools) would counter that and say we cannot take that literally and we have to know proper systematic interpretation of Scriptures, and other such baloney. 

Paul was clear when he stressed to the Colossian church that he labored to present each one PERFECT IN CHRIST [Col.1.28], and that he did this using NOT his own efforts but Jesus' efforts (struggling with all God's or Jesus' energy} which he claimed so powerfully worked in him. The reason churches today cannot attain perfection in Christ is that they always use their own efforts and plans and strategies and ways and wisdom, etc.

Only Jesus can accomplish God's will perfectly, so you have to die to self and let Jesus Christ live your life for you and do God's ministry through your body. You have to be God's flesh on earth, establishing God's Kingdom here as it is in heaven. Otherwise, everything will be trash. Many church ministers do church ministry all their lives using their own efforts and denominational ways (which are nothing but rotten human ways backed up by some bible verses to make them look spiritual), expecting to be rewarded by the Master. They will meet Jesus with frustration when God tells them, "I do not know you..." because the Father's eyes seek Jesus in you alone, not you.

If you desire to please God and get Kingdom points for it, make sure it is my Jesus Christ in you doing everything from start to finish. And my Jesus will never start with any denominational doctrine or procedures or ways or policies, no matter how bible-based they sound. Church denomination is NEVER God's will or way.

God's power and energy should be mightily at work in our bodies (and that alone--no human effort) so we can use that to "struggle" (really put our lives into it), aiming to make our disciples perfect in Christ. It's all about being perfect in Christ--and this means being able to say with Paul, that "it's no longer I who live but Jesus Christ who lives in me."

Spiritual Perfection: LIFE, Character, Power, Authority

Nope, your flat nose will still be flat, your skin color will remain, your hair texture will stay the same unless you re-style it at the hair dresser's shop, and so many of your other physical features will be intact, unchanged. Spiritual perfection is really all about life, character and spiritual power and authority. Yes, you will still commit mistakes (mistakes that have nothing to do with sin), but God aims to eliminate from our system even mistakes, in this life, because he wants Jesus to fully live our lives.

Now, here's a point we should never forget. My Jesus lived a perfectly holy life on earth and yet many saw him as imperfect. They saw him as "mad," trouble maker, wrong, unable to interpret the old Testament according to their standards, law breaker, insolent, demon possessed, etc. If the Son of Man was treated thus, we will be similarly treated by the world, more so by the worldly "Christian" church (synagogue of Satan), even if we live the Jesus LIFE on earth, being God's flesh. The world will always see God's perfection as wrong and imperfect. The world has a different idea of what is right and perfect.

God wants nothing less than perfection for us. And we have to re-align our lives accordingly and trash our garbage doctrines that run counter to God's plan of perfection for all believers. We must "aim for perfection" [2 Cor.13.11] now and stop giving excuses for our spiritual weaknesses and propensity to sin. It is God's will that we should be holy, and perfectly at that. And the key to this is Galatians 2.20 - "I have died with Christ; it's not anymore I who live but Jesus Christ who lives my life daily."

It should be my Jesus living your life, doing church ministry, discipling others. Be God's flesh.