"..Yet in My Flesh I Will See GOD" [Job. 19.26]

Sunday, October 23, 2011

No Genuine Righteousness NO Genuine God-Power

I'm astonished at how most "believers" don't get it--that if there's no genuine righteousness, there's no genuine God-power. No matter how well you perform on church stage, how well you lead in worship, how well you lead the church, and how big your church building, membership, or church income is, if you don't have genuine righteousness--the kind that Jesus has and gives--you have no genuine God-power, you got nothing but trash.

Paul said God's Kingdom is not a matter of talk. It's all about power, real power. Not the political leverage you see a lot of church people use to influence other people. It's not how you see church pastors and leaders allying with political figures to gain political influence. It's genuine Kingdom GOD-power. And you can't have any of it if you have no genuine righteousness. 

Despite this obvious fact in the bible, you still see a lot of fake pastors, preachers, and church leaders living in sin and then hiding behind facades of strict religiosity. Worse are those who assume Christian leadership and yet openly live in sin. You wouldn't believe how they're out there performing for God and yet embracing the standards of the world, spreading the lie that God understands your life of sin because he knows that your'e mere human. And anyway, salvation is by grace alone.

Grace is power, not a license to continue sinning and getting God's approval at the same time. Paul told Titus that grace is power to say no to wickedness and yes to righteousness. And righteousness is not for it's own sake, but for real GOD-power, so we can operate fully in Kingdom power on earth and build God's Kingdom here--because the Kingdom is not just talk but power, said Paul. And the context is that of supernatural, miraculous power that produces the genuine JESUS LIFE in a believer (real God's flesh on earth, genuine Jesus DNA), signs and wonders, and the multi-faceted wisdom of God displayed for the spiritual realms to marvel at--for angels and devils to see and take awe in.

John says in him is NO SIN (1 Jn. 3.5). Even kids can understand that simple phrase. But you always find some denominational theologians trying to go around that and telling things to the contrary like a lying lawyer. And people of their own ilk like what they hear. That's why today all sorts of people become "born again," even showbiz folks who like showing off their breasts in public and get into hot kissing scenes, promoting sexual immorality. Even respected pastors get involved in wedding ceremonies of divorced people whose spouses still live.

No wonder the church is powerless.

But God is using ungodliness in church to destroy man's church. He isn't the author of ungodliness, but being sovereign, he uses it for his glorious ends. He's now raising up HIS glorious church, without spot or wrinkle or any other blemish, with faceless people living rigid righteous lives daily, giving flesh to the Word, and whose lives on earth Jesus himself lives through. Their very lives rebuke wickedness and ungodliness especially in the church--they also preach the Word fiercely but it's their lives that rebuke sin in fake believers. Each time fake Christians see the way these radical Jesus followers live their lives, they get offended. And the Word they release from their mouths demolishes the fake church that mere men build as they build their petty denominational empires.

No genuine righteousness--NO genuine GOD-power. If you don't have God-power in your life, everything you do is garbage, no matter how successful you seem to be. A lot of churches today need a big overhaul, and a lot more need utter demolishing because there's nothing worth salvaging--especially true with some big churches and denominations. The glorious church of Jesus Christ will stand alone. In Daniel's prophecy, the big statue made of gold, bronze, and iron and clay was thoroughly demolished--a Rock not made by human hands crashed it mercilessly--and that Rock alone stood firm and victorious for all time!

Come Lord Jesus! Amen!