"..Yet in My Flesh I Will See GOD" [Job. 19.26]

Monday, October 17, 2011

Sheep Amid Wolves In Sheep's Clothing

Living as sheep amid wolves is nothing. Well, there can be lots of pressures but it's easy to see where to go, where to seek refuge. But when sheep live amid wolves in sheep's clothing, it's a different matter altogether. You got to stay spiritually extra sharp.

Wolves in sheep's clothing are dangerous. They really seem allies in Christ. They help you build the church. They sound and look so, so spiritual. But they have this one trait that few see: they sometimes take off the sheep's clothing when nobody's around--or so they think. If you have God's eyes--and God sees everything; in fact nothing can be hidden from his eyes--then you easily spot wolves leaving the crowd to go somewhere secret to change clothes for a while. 

You see, wolves are never really comfy in sheep's clothing. They get used to wearing it, but there's some sort of an expiry date or time when they need to take it off to let their natural skin breathe--or else the skin gets suffocated and it withers like dried leaves. You crumple the leaves and they never rebound back to their original shape. In fact, they crackle. So are wolves that stay too long in sheep clothing. They crackle with a mere touch. So they need to go some place remote and change costume for a while.

But few take notice of it. What most people see is the wolf back in sheep clothing after the respite. And when they're in sheep clothing, they can adapt so well that it's almost impossible to see any wolf trace. So you got to see the times when wolves suddenly leave the crowd to change costume somewhere secret. You got to watch their unguarded moments--which is difficult because they very seldom allow themselves to get caught unguarded.

Thus, if you live a weak spiritual life you'd get easily deceived by wolves in sheep clothing and soon become like them. And a strong spiritual life does NOT mean you get active in church and often quote scripture and post nothing but bible verses on your FB wall. It does not mean you read your bible daily and evangelize to "lost" souls regularly. It does not mean you always sing songs to God and lead in worship and be part of the worship team. It does not mean you always act nice to people. All that is good, but they don't automatically equate to strong spiritual life. In fact, many wolves live like that.

A strong spiritual life is JESUS living your life daily, each moment. Period. Vital to this is being deep in the spoken Word of God and strong in the Holy Spirit. That's sheep that hear Jesus' voice, called by name, and follow him. That's being genuine God's flesh on earth. That's the Jesus DNA.