"..Yet in My Flesh I Will See GOD" [Job. 19.26]

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hebrews 8: The Superior Church Ministry

It's the superior church ministry. The only true church recognized in heaven is the Glorious Church of Jesus Christ, without spot or wrinkle or any other blemish. It has a high Priest--Jesus, of the Melchizedek Order. He serves in the sanctuary of the true tabernacle (or church) set up by God himself, and nothing in it is man-made--because anything man-made is collapsing, especially in our time.

If you're not a member of this church, you're nothing, zero, pffft! All your church accomplishments are garbage. Jesus ministers in a sanctuary in heaven which the Father Himself has set up. You should be in this church. We all should be oriented in the spiritual set up of this church. Our mindset should have nothing but the mindset of this church ministry--the superior church ministry. And this church should be the one you're attending now, in this life, in this world. Remember?--"Your will be done on earth as in heaven."

If the church you're attending is man-made, it's not Jesus' church. It's man's church, and it's being prepared and conditioned for 666, man's number--to deceive even the elect. Man's church is like Moses' tabernacle--that tabernacle was made strictly according to the pattern Moses had seen in heaven, and yet they all died in the wilderness. The tabernacle was glorious, but the glory faded and ended up being a ministry of death (see 2 Cor.3.7-18). 

A lot of man's churches today are like the Moses ministry--it came from God and had God's glory, but only for a while. The glory faded and everyone connected with it died in the wilderness. It became a ministry of death, although it originally came from God. No wonder they say that church before was better than the church they see now. It's because the glory of man's church fades and ends up in death. 

Not Just a Pattern

Don't feel comfy having a pattern or copy of what's in heaven. It should be the original, the very thing itself. That's why I don't go with "Christ-likeness" or being just a copy of Jesus. It should be Jesus himself really living your life 100 percent daily. Today's "Christ-likeness" mania in church is just the beginning of the deception. This "Christ-likeness" may even give way to "another Jesus" in church that Paul talked about in 2nd Corinthains 11, a modern-day another Jesus, one that is like Jesus but it's not really Jesus. This is the Anti-Christ--a "Christ" but a fake one.

We have to have the real Jesus, not just a copy. The genuine Jesus Christ--my Jesus--the real Son of God, should be seen in you 100 percent. It's that or nothing. You've got to be God's flesh on earth.

We've seen in Moses' case that having a mere copy or pattern can end up in wrong hands and become deathly. No wonder many "Christians" in church today are dying spiritually though seen very active in church and even receiving citation and recognition and awards for "excellent" performance and "faithfulness," whatever they mean. Why are they dying? Because all they have is a copy--they're just trying to imitate what they think is happening in heaven. They don't have the actual event. Tragically, they end up imitating the world in their guess work instead and looking more worldly than the world. They end up being a ministry of death. 

Here's an example of how a ministry of death looks like. If you have (1) worship programs in church and church policies and manuals and plans, plus (2) if you rely so much on your church building (which all church denominations do), you belong to the obsolete covenant which the bible says is fading and will soon disappear (Heb.8.13). You have nothing but a ministry of death--no matter if so many people are getting saved in your church and your membership and income is increasing.

The old covenant was characterized by the following: "The first covenant had an (1) earthly sanctuary and (2) regulations for worship," (Heb.9.1). You see that? "Earthly sanctuary" means churches made by man or church buildings. "Regulations for worship" means worship programs and church policies and manuals. If you have them, you're obsolete and will soon disappear. No wonder many church denominations today are failing miserably. They just hide the fact. But nothing hidden will remain hidden. God will expose everything.

And then, Hebrews says if Jesus were here with us he wouldn't be recognized by the church as a high priest or church leader. The worldly church recognizes only people with earthly credentials. Well, first, Jesus is not from the tribe of Judah, so he wouldn't be a high priest (8.4-5). Second, Jesus is not after a man-made church, because the ministry he got from God is the superior church ministry (8.6) not made by man.

You should be in a church ministry not made by man. Well, too bad that majority of Christians today identify with churches made by man, though using God's words in the bible. It's a dead ministry. And everyone there will eventually end up dead in the wilderness, not reaching their promised land. Will they be saved? I believe God is faithful and will still receive them in heaven. But they will never have the kind of glorious victory God wants us to have to be in his glorious church, without spot or wrinkle. They lose the glory, and God's glory is everything in life, here or in the hereafter.

But Hebrews also warns of those who backslide all the way. It's better for them not to have heard of God's salvation than to hear and receive it and then trash it away. And this kind of reversion begins in a ministry of death. Look for a God's flesh church--the Jesus church.