"..Yet in My Flesh I Will See GOD" [Job. 19.26]

Monday, November 7, 2011

No Fruit Equals Hell

It's really all so simple, but man's theologies and doctrines complicate it to powerlessness and uselessness. Salvation is really this: No fruit equals hell. 

Here's how my Jesus put it: "Unless you (really) change--the change that's very radical that you almost turn into a child--you'll go to hell (or never enter God's Kingdom)." Another time, he put it this way: "You will know the genuine from the fake by their fruit."

No fruit equals hell. Many churches only emphasize the "accepting Jesus" part and make it sound like bearing fruit is secondary or worse, optional. They stress that it's all by grace, as if bearing fruit and radical change are not by grace alone. You can never really change and bear fruit unless by God's enabling grace. They also maintain that we are only human and God understands our propensity to sin. They've been making "sound doctrines" out of these garbage so that more souls march to hell straight from church than from the world.

Receiving Jesus Christ into our hearts as Savior and Lord is only a means to an end. Salvation may begin there if the receiving is genuine, and "genuine" means the fruit naturally manifests. No fruit, no salvation. This truth should never be compromised. I don't care how active you are in church or how long you've been a "Christian" or how many recognition or awards you got from your church--no fruit equals hell.

Fruit is the fruit of the Spirit, or simply put, the LIFE of JESUS CHRIST. Some Christians think having the fruit can be based on one's "choice" or "strength." Some of them have love, joy, and peace, but patience is, well--they're not so keen on that. They weren't created to be so patient--probably a little bit, yes. But patient all the time? They're not perfect and they're only human.

Well, if your thinking is like the above, then no fruit equals hell. Is salvation then based on fruit or receiving Jesus? No one should separate the two. You cannot choose between receiving Jesus or bearing fruit. Each supports the other. God designed them to always go together. Without the one, it means you are a fake and would end up in hell unless you genuinely repent and change and bear fruit--and anyway, you cannot bear fruit without receiving (or surrendering fully to) my Jesus.

Here is what Bearing Fruit is NOT:
  1. Formerly you attended some other churches but now you're attending a born-again church.
  2. You're so active in church.
  3. You're involved in a lot of church ministries.
  4. You hold positions in church and are looked up to as an elder.
  5. You are a pastor or church leader and your ministry is really growing.
  6. You have a lot of church members.
  7. You head the worship team or choir.
  8. You sing so well in church that people go to the altar and repent.
  9. The pastor likes and approves of you a lot.
  10. You look and sound so formal in church.
  11. You're so expressive in worship and you even dance and speak in tongues.
  12. You always quote verses and post verses on Face Book and never post anything there except Godly things. You use church lingo so well.
The above are just examples of what most church people and leaders think as bearing fruit in Christ. If you think like that and all you have are the above, then you're a fake. No fruit equals hell. You are not yet saved! Many so-called Christians would be shocked to find themselves in hell after death or Judgment.

Here is what Bearing Fruit is really all about:

  1. You have the LIFE of Jesus in you.
  2. Effortlessly, the Jesus LIFE manifests in you.
  3. The world hates you and rejects you.
  4. It is Jesus Christ Himself literally living your life. It's no longer you but Christ who really, really lives in you.
  5. Everyday and every moment the Jesus character, power, ministry, and authority naturally manifest in you. Why? Because it is Jesus really living in you 100 percent. And you? You have died with Christ on the cross.
  6. You don't have any religious spirit in you, even a tiny little bit. All you do are the Word and ways of God.
  7. The Word of God is made flesh in you, because of Jesus (The Word) in you. That's being God's flesh on earth. That's having the Jesus DNA genuinely.
  8. You are so deep in the Word and you eat the Word daily, really eating the flesh and drinking the blood of Jesus.
  9. You realize that no deed or church activity you do would ever please God. God is only pleased by the Jesus faith alone.
  10. You are NOT DENOMINATIONAL. You have renounced all so-called Christian denominations because you sincerely believe what Jesus prayed for in John 17--that all believers be completely one just as the Father and Son are one.
  11. You give up everything.
The above are just some of the fruit of the Spirit. Remember, no fruit equals hell.