"..Yet in My Flesh I Will See GOD" [Job. 19.26]

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Impotent Gospel Sharing

Almost everyone today can share and is sharing the Gospel. It's both good and bad news. Good news because, as Paul said, whether from right or wrong motive, the main thing is that Christ is preached. Bad news because, Gospel sharing from a wrong life and heart is nothing but trash. Impotent Gospel sharing is rampant today. They share God's Word and yet live opposite to what it is. That does not amount to anything in the Kingdom; perhaps in terms of information dissemination in the physical realms, yes.

But bible information dissemination that affects only the physical realm merely fills up the head--head knowledge that only makes men more stubborn--head knowledge that only wants to escape from hell's fire and eternal damnation. Head knowledge can never make you fall deeply in love with Jesus and be amazed at Kingdom Come. It only scares you about hell, so you go to church each Sunday and clap and wave your hands "in praise" and do other religious stuff that doesn't mean anything to God. It makes you a "nice" church member.

Very Spiritual!

Amazing. I've been seeing people around who can boldly share the Gospel to people, talk spiritual and do nothing but quote bible verses and rebuke erring people. They post lots of spiritual stuff on FB and seem to know nothing else to post. You'd admire them if you only saw what's on the outside. But then I get shocked when I see these same "spiritual" people being arrogant, self-conceited, corrupt in the office, liars, fearing the dark and could not sleep alone in their rooms, or being cruel to others. I cannot figure out where they get their zeal for impotent Gospel sharing. It's almost the 8th wonder of the world.

You even hear these people ardently say that we should "walk the talk." If you didn't know them well, you might idolize these people and follow them straight to hell. That's why personality cults are popping up everywhere unnoticed, even in Christian churches. Seeing someone share the Gospel so well or singing expressively on the church stage and giving very spiritual testimonies and using spiritual lingo can fool a lot of people. So, beware of impotent Gospel sharing.

You Become What You Eat

When these people share the Gospel, they transfer their lives, characters, and the demon that controls them to people who "accept" the Gospel through them.  Beware the food that the stingy man serves you, says Proverbs. You eat the words of a good preacher because you're so blessed by his preaching and message, in a way, you eat his life and character. You get portions of him or her, if not become like him or her. So beware  who you listen to. I don't care if he has scary titles or holds degrees in this or that. Check his life and character. Check his marriage and family life. Everything is spiritual warfare. You receive teachings from a secretly wicked guy, you become like him no matter if he's so biblical and sounds so spiritual. Any fool can do that.

What I do when I don't personally know the preacher or radio announcer or book author is to test what he's saying. If it's okay, then I just leave it at that, that it's okay--I don't take it into my heart and spirit at once, no matter how good it sounds. I know from whom I should receive teachings (and the Word of God) and receive them into my heart and spirit. Beware of impotent Gospel sharing to avoid being spiritually impotent.