"..Yet in My Flesh I Will See GOD" [Job. 19.26]

Monday, January 9, 2012

Power of a New Creation

Awesome Power!

Amazing--this power of a new creation! A new creation in Christ is powerful! Unfortunately, very few Christians realize this. They zero in on grace giving them a chance to sin without the punishment. But if you really look hard at it, a new creation is powerful. It's more powerful than 10 nuclear warheads going off together.

And anyway, God's true grace makes you want to be like him in true holiness, Paul tells Titus [2.11-12]. So, if you think grace makes you safe to sin, it's probably the devil's grace, if there's such a thing.

New Years are celebrated with powerful firecrackers and displays, especially in our part of the world. Last New Year's Eve, the smoke from the firecrackers accumulated into one of the deadliest smogs in Philippine history, causing countless respiratory ailments after. Why do they do that? Because they want to make New Year's look powerful. They believe there's power in a new year, so they also link a lot of stupid traditions to it, supposedly to bring in tremendous luck and fortune. And not a few Christians join in the bandwagon.

The only powerful new is a new creation in Christ. I hope we all realize this and celebrate it powerfully, more powerfully than pagans do their New Years. And I don't mean celebrate it with a big bang--but celebrate it in the Spirit's power. The power of a new creation demolishes the most powerful armed forces in the universe--Satan's stronghold. That's why it says a new creation has nothing of the past; it's all brand new. All the associations with the devil in the past life gets demolished, exploded, ruined, wiped out, and disintegrate into nothing and oblivion. That is it's supposed power.

Church Makes it Look Weak

But it seldom looks like that in reality. Why?

Because even after receiving Jesus into their lives, into their bodies, Christians keep saying they are just humans and susceptible to sin--which God understands anyway so there's no need to worry anymore. Without Christ, you worry about sinning. But with Christ in you, you don't have to worry about sinning. You may sin and be understood by God. That's what they say. They nullify the power of a new creation. 

And the church taught them that. Tsk, tsk.

But in God's truth, a genuine new creation has the power to obliterate Satan. Imagine a world or a life without devils. Is that possible? They'd say, no, that's impossible. In this world, you will sin. But that's not what God's spoken Word says. It says a new creation can blow off to nothingness your entire past life of sin. Anyone who's in Christ is definitely a new creation. All the old is gone. ALL! It doesn't say 99.99 percent of the past is gone. It says ALL! And then the new has come.

This is powerful!

Awesome Power (Part 2)

Lots of people go to psychiatrists and emotional therapists just to have their ugly past eliminated.And they pay a huge sum doing so. But nothing happens. But the power of a new creation is awesome. It gets rid of your old life entirely--if you're a genuine new creation. The problem is, many who claim to be recipients of the Jesus LIFE are bogus--they received Christ only in their minds. They're afraid of going to hell so they received him. And it came without total surrender. It's like taking a pain reliever because you have a headache.

And many pastors want it that way, too--even if no total surrender to Jesus. Because they're just after membership and quantity. The more the merrier, and the more tithes and offerings.

The book of Romans says it is in your heart that you believe and are saved. We receive my Jesus into our hearts--that produces genuine salvation. Why in our hearts? It's there that Jesus should live in us. Proverbs says it is in the heart that all issues of life spring. So guard your heart. My Jesus is particular about the heart. It is there that genuine transformation starts. Paul said, a mindset really begins in the heart. Thus, be careful about the "meditation of the heart," says Psalms.

Yeah, meditation is about the mind. That's how it seems to be. But in truth, genuine meditation is of the heart. That's why many eastern people "empty" their minds when they meditate, because the mind is not the target--it's the heart. And genuine meditation really began with my Jesus, the Word of God--other religions just copied it.

If you began correctly in the Spirit, being a new creation should follow automatically. No sweat or effort. You naturally turn into a radical new creation--a new Jesus, so to speak. Paul was quick to add that this is all from God. You don't turn into Jesus Himself--but you turn into Him. He begins to live out your life daily. It's no longer you but him who lives. This is all from God. It's not forced or resolved or planned for. It happens because of Jesus in you.

Hell Shall Never Prevail Against a New Creation

Then this "church" becomes a threat and offense to the gates of hell, which can never prevail against it. Why? Because it is my Jesus now living and moving and doing in your body, my body, our bodies--the church. That demolishes Satan. That's the true power of a new creation, but which many "Christians" down play in favor of being just humans and susceptible to sin while in the flesh and which God understands anyway. Many churches today, among them mega churches, teach this garbage and many fall into the deception. 

Yes, it's the number end-time deception--that we cannot be anything more than forgiven sinners, believers susceptible to flesh-weakness, saved but still sinning, and so we have no right to judge or condemn anyone because we're all the same and we can never be better than saved sinners.

The Myth of a Saved Sinner

Preachers who themselves found it impossible to avoid sin and evil preached the idea in church one day, and multitudes of "believers" liked it. It's now the church's slogan and number one doctrine. They are saved sinners--whatever that is. So there's no such thing as a new creation in Christ to them. To them, getting saved means you're the same old sinner who is now exempt from the wages of sin. You're not a new creation--you're a mixture of the old and new. And my Jesus said that bursts and ruins the new wine and tears off the new patch.

A sinning new creation....

But Paul told the Galatians, do not be deceived: No wicked person will enter God's Kingdom. That's plain truth. We cannot play with that. We cannot change that. Yes, Paul said he is the worst of sinners, and when he said, "I am the worst," it was in the present tense. Smart church people will point to that. To be sure, Paul was not enjoying living in sin when he said this, because he was also the number one promoter of holiness in the New Testament. When he said "I am the worst of wicked men," he just didn't want to sound holier-than-thou. And he wanted to show that even worst sinners like him could hope for God's forgiveness and holiness.

But many believers today take this wrongly. They think that being a saved sinner is possible, meaning, you can still sin anyway you want and be exempt from the wages of sin because you accepted Christ. They may deny this, but it's the kind of life you see in church today. Church people wallow in sin and wickedness. I'm tired of seeing Christians and pastors in sexual immorality, with rotten character, soaking in corruption. I'm tired of seeing "believers" with rotten marriages and broken families and yet remain active in ministry. Why this? Because they have trashed the truth about the power of a new creation. 

There's no such thing as saved sinner. We're saved saints--all by God's grace and mercy.