"..Yet in My Flesh I Will See GOD" [Job. 19.26]

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Why God Hides Answers

"It's God's glory to hide matters; and to seek them out is kings' glory." Proverbs 25

God wants kings. That's the main reason why God hides answers. Some people ask me why God often does not answer prayers pronto. Or, why does he hide answers so that even when they're so obvious most people still do not see them and thus err.

One guy asked me why people who are fanatics of feng shui and Chinese New Year traditions still get rich? Doesn't God curse those who believe in  superstitions? He did so in the bible and he judged them immediately. Why not today?

In short, it's a why-God-hides-answers issue. So instantly I asked God about it and got an instant answer. It's for hardening their hearts. God hides obvious answers to people to harden their hearts, because anyway, they are hopelessly resigned to wrong and even evil paths. So God allows them to be further misled by making it look like they get more blessed.

He Wants Kings

Only kings would dare seek out truth--HIS truth in particular. God watches those whose hearts are fully devoted to seeking out truth. He calls them kings. And seeking out means a readiness and stubbornness to tackle difficulties and overcome hindrances just to get at truth--God's truth--truth that aligns with the bible. God sees this rare breed of people as "kings" in the Spirit. They are the kings in KING of kings. And God is after their glory, that's why God hides answers, to prod or stimulate people to seek him out and thus be transformed into kings of the Kingdom, sitting on the Throne with the King [Eph.2.6]. 

These kings are earnest seekers of God and truth, through God's Word and creation. They are ready to temporarily suffer discomfort, because there's great discomfort in seeking out answers that God has hidden. You can never discover God's secrets from your comfort zones. You have got to take risks, risks that are never comfy for the flesh.

Yes, secret things belong to God, says Deuteronomy, but the things hidden belong to kings. My Jesus once said, to His disciples are given the keys to God's Kingdom secrets. But to those outside, only parables or riddles or hidden things permanently locked are given. What do you choose? I'd always go for God's secrets revealed to kings. Yeah, you may not look like a king in the eyes of the world, but you definitely are in God's eyes. What do you choose?

Why God hides answers? It's to separate kings from subjects, in the heavenly realms. "I no longer call you subjects or slaves. Slaves do not know anything. I call you friends (kings)." For who can be friends with the KING except his fellow kings? That's powerfully God's flesh!