"..Yet in My Flesh I Will See GOD" [Job. 19.26]

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Another Jesus

Paul talked about another Jesus to the Corinthians. Specifically, he said if he or any preacher should teach about another Jesus or another Gospel, a curse be on him or her. And many think today that Paul merely made a slight digression when he talked about it, not realizing that it was a prophecy. He was hinting on a real another Jesus coming to the church scene which the apostle John said was already active (spirit of anti-Christ) in their time and yet to be revealed in the last days--in our time, that is.

And today, they're worshiping that other Jesus in church. Roman Catholics worship a Jesus statue and one that seems to be inside their small rounded Eucharist cracker (and which born again Christians also use), others worship a distorted Jesus (mere human Jesus or a Jesus confined to a building or specific day of the week), while born again  churches worship a worse kind of other Jesus. They're all the another Jesus.

The one born again churches worship is worse because it is nearer in form and semblance with the real Jesus--my Jesus--in the bible whose LIFE is the genuine Gospel. A nearer Jesus-like other Jesus is most dangerous because it is apt to deceive more people, even the elect, if possible.

The Other Jesus

The other Jesus has stopped all kinds of disciplining and judgment. In fact, he prohibits judgment. He has watered down real holiness and teaches that in this world no one can be really holy--we're just humans and God accepts us as we are. The other Jesus urges the church to forget about perfection--no one can be perfect in this world and being born again does not make you perfect.


The real Jesus in the bible said stop judging by mere appearance and "make a right judgment." He advocates judging, and right judging particularly. He said don't judge so that no one judges you in return, but the context in which he said that was making hypocritical judgment. His solution was to take the plank of wood off your eyes first so you can take away the speck of dust from your brother's eye. 

You see, Jesus was saying, make sure you are not yourself guilty of sin before you judge your brother. Once you live in holiness (took off the plank of wood covering your eyes) then you can proceed to check any brother in church who sins. Paul said the same thing. You cannot judge anyone while you yourself are guilty of the same sin, or any sin for that matter. He also told the Corinthians that they should be able to judge small matters in church that required judgment. If they could not settle problems in church, how could they settle bigger problems? Didn't they know they'd judge angels and eventually the world? They should be able to judge those inside the church.

Many today make judgment look bad, knowing they themselves have no right to judge--because they are guilty of sin themselves, and refuse to repent. They promote against being judgmental, and that started powerlessness in church. You hear about all kinds of immorality and wickedness ion church today because of that, and they want to keep everything secret. They hide the fact. If you ask about the secret, they say you're a gossip. 

But my Jesus--the real Jesus--said expose sin in church publicly. If the sinner refuses to repent, go call 2 witnesses and face him. If he still refuses to repent, call the elders to face him. If that still doesn't work, "tell it to the church." If he still sins, treat him as an unbeliever. These are the words of the real Jesus Christ in the bible, my Jesus.

Do they do this in church today? NO. They even put sinners in position and even give him or her titles and degrees in their bible schools and seminars. They even become bible school presidents, professors, senior pastors, and district bishops. More so if the sinner is moneyed or has influence. These are those who worship another Jesus.

The real Jesus teaches about judgment, holiness, and perfection. Jesus said be holy like your Father in heaven is. Peter said be holy for God is holy. 

The Other Jesus

What Paul called another Jesus teaches about programs and activities that keep you busy in church. Most busy people in church are not Word seekers. They seek recognition. They thirst for it. That's how their denominations raised them up--to be greedy for recognition. And most church people just swallow what is given them in Sunday school and pastors' little sermons. Pastors preaching the Word is not bad, but church people just rely on that. Jesus said seek and you shall find. It's for everyone. Jesus never said, "Just listen to me." He urged them to seek for themselves the Word. 

The other Jesus is heavy on singing, musical instruments, and concerts. Worship is good, and I love to worship God--the right way. But even so-called "worshipers" today are weak in the Word. They have no depth in the Word. All they can feed people with are basic teachings like, "God loves you," and "God cares about you," and things to that effect. And that's all you hear in their concerts. 

The true Word of my Jesus says leave elementary teachings and go on to maturity, to solid food that strengthens the spirit and transforms you permanently to manifest God Himself in you. To be God's flesh on earth. They just want to sing nicely and be cheered by the audience. They want to get the credit for "moving the audience to worship God expressively."


The real Jesus is Himself the Word of God. He said without me, not one among you can do anything. Without the Word of God we cannot do anything, not even worship. True worship is manifesting the Word in our lives daily. Outside of that, any worship is idolatrous. 

The real Jesus did a ministry of nothing except declaring the Word and showing people the power of the Word. It was his LIFE. It was his character. There was no other activity or program. everything was spiritual and supernatural. Nothing was in a "church" program formulated by men. Jesus didn't "plant churches" as they plant churches today. He planted seeds of LIFE--he came that we may have LIFE abundantly, not lots of church buildings in every locality or street corner where different denominations compete against each other to amass membership. 

Only one verse in the Gospel said that Jesus and his disciples sang a hymn. The rest is all about the Word. That's the real Jesus. The church ought to go back to that and worship the real Jesus. As it is, the church is idolatrous big time,. especially born again churches. God was angry with pagan nations worshiping idols. But he was angrier, in fact wrathful, with Israel and Judah when they became idolatrous.