"..Yet in My Flesh I Will See GOD" [Job. 19.26]

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Are You Just Using My Jesus?

What If Jesus Didn't Save You from Hell?

Do you really love him or are you just using my Jesus? A lot of Christians "accepted" Christ because they heard about hell and dreaded ending up there for all eternity. Well, that is scary, and scared people will grab at anything that will get them out of danger. Once you see something that will save you, you'd use it, right? Many Christian saw Jesus in that light and used him. They "accepted" him.

But they never surrendered.

Many others saw him as a solution to their problems. Well, my Jesus is the Way, not just a way out of troubles. And they get frustrated because even after 'accepting' Jesus, troubles still happen.

I wonder--what if Jesus didn't save you from hell? Would you still "accept" him? Would you still love him and worship him as you're doing in church now? Would you still talk to him? Countless times I've seen church people, even leaders and pastors, who didn't mind people who were not important to them at the time. If you're not useful to them, they seldom notice you or intentionally ignore you. And Jesus said, anything you did to these the least of my brothers, you did to me.

So you see, it's easy to "accept" Jesus as long as he's useful to you. But that's far from true love. That's wicked opportunism. True love is entirely something else. And I guess not many know what true love for my Jesus is. Are you really in love with him or are you just using my Jesus?

Boys, you don't love a girl just because you can use her, do you? Or, because you get some benefit from her. That's not love. That's "using" her. If her dad was a cruel army general who'd shoot anyone caught courting her--and she could do nothing to save you--would you still love her? Many Christians are like this to  God--like the boy who'd love the girl only if she could guaranty his safety. If not, then forget about it. 

A true lover madly in love with a girl would risk his life just to see her. So what if he dies? Just as long as he sees his love. Are you like that with Jesus? Are you truly and madly in love with him or are you just using my Jesus to save yourself from hell? You're just a user if you do. 

Daniel's Friends

Daniel's three friends were in danger of being cooked alive in a huge oven. They were in that danger because they were madly in love with God. They told the pagan king: "Hey king! We're not afraid of being baked alive in here. We're sure our God will rescue us. But even if he doesn't, we'd still be madly in love with HIM and never bow down to your idol!"

"Even if he doesn't save us!" What crazy love! They were really in love with God and not just used HIM to save themselves from the hellish oven. Are you like that? Only if you are God's flesh on earth can you do this. Jesus loved the Father even though he wasn't rescued from the cross. He was forsaken for a while, but he still believed the Father loved him and he continued with the relationship. Jesus didn't just use the Father. And that Jesus flesh alone can make us act and live like how Jesus did. Be Jesus' flesh on earth. Eat his flesh and drink his blood! You are what you eat!