Thursday, November 28, 2013

If MY People, Not the People or Government

With the devastation by typhoon Yolanda of central Visayas in the Philippines, and the prophecy from India that another super typhoon may again hit the country in April, popular church leaders urge the stop of corruption in government. People should repent of wickedness, especially those in government, they stress, and then quote or sing, "If my people who are called by my name.." in 2 Chronicles 7.14.

Well, they're reading it wrong. First, in the passage above, God urges HIS people, not the people in general nor the government. The term My people are people of the covenant. So, in Chronicles, it applied to the whole nation of Israel, which was God's chosen, especially its government. But we cannot say the same of the Philippines, or of other nations, even the US. All people in the Philippines and people in government [and especially a people soaked in centuries of an idolatrous religion] cannot be called My people.

My people are genuine born again Christians alone. They're the ones God wants to "humble themselves and turn from their wicked ways," not the entire populace and especially not the government, no matter how terribly corrupt it is. Because government will only heed God's call to repentance after the church does. It is the church, His people, that should genuinely repent first. I hope the popular church leaders talking on TV about government corruption, saying such wickedness is the cause of the woes happening to us today, know this.

First and Serious Count of Church Corruption

You may ask, what deadly sin is the church guilty of that God wants it to repent from? Church denominationalism. It robs God of His church. Particularly, it robs God of his tithes and offerings and people that should all be used to build His Kingdom on earth, not denominational empires. It is NEVER God's will that there should be denominations in His church, each with a different doctrine conflicting with each other, though all are bible-based. As it is, for so many years, God's money has been used to build these church empires, not His. And to build these empires, they use God's Word to fool people and get their tithes and offerings and supports. They've been stealing God's money to amass properties for their own name.

Church denominationalism steals from God and undermines the true glorious church of Jesus Christ, which is without spot or wrinkle or any blemish, having one doctrine and being perfectly one, just as the Father and Son are one, said Jesus. But it won't be long till God destroys everything man-made to give way to His glorious church and end corruption.

To turn from this wickedness, all genuine born again Christian churches should totally give up [and demolish] their denominations--their titles, positions, and trophies there--and especially their money, properties, and material possessions, just as Christ, their Lord, didn't have these things while he did the ministry on earth, and yet possessed everything.

The Acts church didn't have properties and material possessions the way denominations today do, and the money they had were all used solely to build God's denominationless glorious church. In fact, the church then had no name and was not government registered, because it was not an organization or corporation. It was God's family. You don't register your family with the SEC and get a president and chairman and a trustee committee to run it.

To make this total repentance to happen takes genuine humility. Thus, If my people...shall humble themselves and turn from their wickedness and pray. To turn from such wickedness takes genuine Jesus-meekness. Jesus emptied himself and took the form of a slave. Such self-effacement is what we need today in the Philippines. This country is destined to be used by God powerfully in the last days for a mighty and genuine global revival, starting in Southeast Asia, but the church here should first be demolished and should totally repent. Then it becomes pure for God's use. Don't point your fingers on nonbelievers or the government.

Church, it is you who need to repent! Then and only then will our prayers really count to God and stop catastrophes and produce miraculous evangelism that genuinely saves [not just denominational recruitment], supernatural things our eyes have never seen before!

Friday, November 15, 2013

How You Get to be Comfy with Sin without Noticing It

It can happen to anyone. It happened to Kings Saul and David. They were in sin without realizing it at first. Saul thought God was on his side as he pursued David, intending to kill him. David also was madly devising plans how to get rid of Uriah to have Bathsheba for himself. They both became comfy with their lives, confident of their achievements and positions, not seeing how they gradually drifted spiritually from God.
Land of Slavery Can Look Like Paradise
Sin is like that. Like the devil, it deceives. Paul said sin can seize the opportunity that the law affords and deceives believers [Rom7.11]. Sin can device strategies so you fall without noticing it. It is alive and plans spiritual disasters for the church. It dies when it is unmasked, brought into the light, and melts in the exposure. We need light to see how sin is deceiving us. Church achievements and busyness can blind us into believing we’re doing okay with God even if we are harboring secret sins in our hearts.
The Israelites saw Egypt like a paradise even when Pharaoh was inflicting all sorts of cruelty on them. When they escaped with Moses to the wilderness, the spices, fish, and meats of Egypt were still in their hearts. Such slave mentality can lead to rebellion. We have to see how we are still slaves in the land of our slavery before we can really get out of it.
I’ve seen how church ministry can serve to lure us and make us oblivious to what’s really happening to us. Church achievements, recognition, awards, positions, and titles can give us a feeling of spirituality. Audience applause to our stage performance can make us feel in good standing with God. We forget about the monsters growing in our hearts; the pride and arrogance building up, the selfish ambition, the vainglory or hunger for recognition, the rottenness, malice, covetousness and greed, jealousy and envy, the backbites and insubordination. I’ve seen how some good performers on the church stage become increasingly spoiled brats and no one’s rescuing them from their land of slavery.
This Isn’t the Place for You!
The Israelites needed someone to tell them squarely, “This is not the place for you!” Of course, they didn’t like the idea of abandoning everything they had worked hard for, their investments and achievements. On top of everything, Pharaoh wouldn’t let them—he’d be left with no slaves to do his will. Today, Christians still in the land of their slavery worry about the same things. They don’t want to leave. They fear what other church people would say.
In the book I wrote, “Leaving the Land of Slavery,” I laid out Kingdom principles on how to break the spell that blinds minds and hearts from seeing their land of slavery. Without seeing yourself in it, you won’t be able to escape it. It’s like a person who broke out of his small prison only to be in a larger prison that encases the small prison, and which he cannot see.
Book on Leaving the Land of Slavery
This book shares many spiritual insights and principles mostly unheard of in Christendom but which are powerful in breaking open your eyes to see how you can get out of your land of slavery, all in 130 plus pages. It’s only P100 per e-book. To buy, email your intent to so I can email you my bank account or paypal email. Then, I’ll email you the e-book Leaving the Land of Slavery. You’ll also get your copy of FREE God’s Flesh Newsletters regularly.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Book Review: Leaving the Land of Slavery

You may be tricked by the devil into being active in church ministry while actually still being a puppet in the land of your slavery. A lot of slaves of the devil are doggedly "serving God" in church. Unless they get a clear revelation on this they'll perish, achieving great things for God's enemy.

You cannot do anything for God in that land even if you pour out all-efforts serving and worshiping him, even with non-stop worship. Anything you do in the land of your slavery benefits only the enemy.

I guess you've seen it lots of times, too--church leaders and ministers serving God with rotten characters or stained testimonies. Worse, they claim to have repented but they seem to grow more rotten each day. More arrogant, more stubborn, more insubmissive, more greedy, more envious, and more a liar.

Yet, they're so good at doing ministry, so gifted and talented, more recognized and given higher positions, and their churches are turning mega! It's what Paul called as ever-increasing wickedness, not in nonbelievers, but active believers in church!

I wrote a book on Leaving the Land of Slavery to help church people identify what land they're in; whether it's God's Promised Land for them or their spiritual Egypt. If it's the latter, I have suggested several options how to get out of that land. There are vital spiritual principles found in the bible on how to leave the land of slavery to sin, worldliness, and the devil. You cannot just decide to leave and go. You need to have the spiritual equipment Moses had to set not just himself and his family free, but those whom God had given him to lead into their inheritance.

You won't know it if you're slave or free or if you're in the land of slavery or out of it, until God opens your eyes to truth and changes how you see things. Being active in church or sounding spiritual won't do you good. Devils can do that, too. Moreover, Egypt was paradise at first to the Israelites in the time of Joseph when a world famine made them retreat to Egypt. It was the place of abundance. It seemed God's perfect will.

Later on, when a ruler not familiar about Joseph stepped in, everything changed. The Land of Slavery was unmasked for what it truly was. However, notwithstanding the unmasking, the Israelites still felt contented with the meat and spices of Egypt, as later on they would crave for them when they had been out in the middle of the wilderness a long time and rebelling against Moses.

Yes, you may be active for God while still living in the land of slavery building pyramids and store cities for Pharaoh, or you may be escaping from the Land of Slavery and on your way to God's will and yet in your heart be still locked up in your spiritual Egypt. Or you may be right inside the Promised Land and be active there and still be a full-pledged citizen of the land of the enemy. You'd never know, except that you learn the powerful Kingdom principles that expose the gates of hell set up to look like heaven--like wolves in sheep's clothing. I have laid them all out in Leaving the Land of Slavery.

Price and How to Order

The e-book "Leaving the Land of Slavery" costs P300 a copy. To purchase the book, just visit this link! After you pay thru Paypal, you will be brought to a page where you find a link. Click on the link and you immediately get a PDF copy of the ebook.

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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Disciple All Nations: The Quality of Increase God Wants

GOD's Flesh is all for numerical increase. We need to share the Gospel to as many. We need to work with God to increase the number of people getting saved and joining the church. We need more evangelism and we need to go all out particularly in these last crucial days.
But we need to strictly go by God's quality control. The Kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power. The church needs to be filled up with Kingdom assets, not liabilities. In bible history, God always destroyed liabilities. When the Israelites were becoming more of a liability, he destroyed them all in the desert. God does not need liabilities in his kingdom.
This is why Jesus emphasized discipling nations just before he ascended. This is the quality of increase God wants in his church—discipled increase. Not just any increase for the sake of church expansionism, just to win the popularity contest and prove which church is better and bigger. Thus, as long as an increase is denominational, it does not count in God’s Kingdom. It is still of the world. The increase should be in Jesus’ glorious church, without spot or wrinkle or any blemish, and which has no earthly company name, unfranchised, not a denomination.
Discipled in the Way Jesus Discipled the Apostles
The discipleship should be apostolic—in the same way Jesus discipled his apostles. That should remain the model for all times, not through bible studies the way denominations do it, or Sunday schools, bible schools, seminaries, seminars or conferences which all derive from worldly systems.
Jesus Discipleship consists of, “teaching them everything I have taught you.” Only then can we be assured of his true presence: “I will be with you always.” There should be absolutely no denominational doctrine. Just pure Jesus teachings as revealed by the Holy Spirit. This alone applies to the spiritual and universal Jesus glorious church. If evangelism, discipleship, and church are done any other way, they’re all garbage and credited only in this world.
In our earlier post, we mentioned about how the least is greatest in the Kingdom. Some suppose that God’s Flesh does not believe in numerical growth and wishes only to remain small. Far from truth. We believe whatever the bible believes. We believe so much in discipling all nations. It’s not just evangelizing them; Jesus is clear about discipling them. And discipling is never just about grouping them in cells and doing bible studies. That’s not discipling. That’s bible study. Jesus didn't just have bible studies when he discipled the apostles.
How did my Jesus disciple his apostles? First, he was their disciple for life. A church cannot change discipler depending on who is pastoring the church. The Jesus discipleship stresses on loyalty to the discipler, not the local church. Local churches that change pastors periodically cannot embark on a genuine Jesus discipleship. Your discipler is your discipler for life.
Second, Jesus ushered them to the spiritual, universal church. There was no building or name or organization the church was under in. And that set up continued in the Acts church. The Jesus church was later sabotaged and displaced by the church invented by men: a church by men, for men, and through men. But God has been restoring his true church through his genuine apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers. It has no denomination. We have to evangelize and disciple nations to this church. 

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