"..Yet in My Flesh I Will See GOD" [Job. 19.26]

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Jesus' "Disinterest" in People

I've always been intrigued by Jesus' disinterest in people. No doubt, he had compassion on them. He loved them. But he always reserved an element of detachment. Some may call it objectivity, perhaps.

I prefer calling it disinterest.

For instance, he just let the rich young ruler walk away. This rich, young guy was the ideal church member---dedicated to Scriptures, rich, a leader and young and idealistic. What pastor is going to let someone like that get away after coming to him to seek advice? Most pastors would entertain and grab him for membership.

But not Jesus. He simply watched him walk away. He loved him, but he was disinterested about him. Interested people would have gone after him, taken his address and visited him often for follow up. That's what pastors are trained to do.

And who wouldn't want Nicodemus, teacher of Israel and respected member of the powerful Sanhedrin, as his follower or even church member?

Imagine an influential bishop nationally popular coming to you at night to seek your advice or wisdom. Wouldn't you want to have him in your church? Would you discourage him and simply let him go away by telling him something like, "You are Israel's teacher and you don't know these things?"

Pastors today probably would have immediately made him a church board member.

And why would Jesus allow demons to destroy the swine industry in Gadarenes, allowing them to enter the 2,000 pigs and drown them in the lake? Why was he disinterested about the livelihood of the people of Gadarenes?

Interested Disinterest

The Gadarenes people lacked compassion for the demon possessed man, chaining him hand and foot day and night in a cemetery instead of helping him. Jesus showed compassion and interest in the poor and oppressed man but showed disinterest in the people of the village.

But then, he also showed disinterest for the oppressed man later when he "begged" to follow Jesus but Jesus merely told him to go home and start ministry there. Ministries today would have used this man to promote their churches or denominations.

They're crazy about increasing membership. Jesus was simply passionate about souls.

People who soak themselves in Jesus and His WORD will have this same disinterested compassion for souls---having concern about people not because they are just after church membership but because they really care.

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