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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Real Generals in Church 2

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The patriarchs, apostles and prophets in the bible were authentic generals, of course. Not because of their accomplishments but God called them to be so. Gideon didn't think he was a general in God's army, but the angel convinced him so. "The Lord is with you mighty warrior!" the angel told him.

Abraham, Moses, David, Jeremiah---they all didn't feel apt for the work. Yet undoubtedly, they were God's generals. On the other hand, those who were presumptuous were actually nobodies in the eyes of God. I remember Pharaoh, Korah, King Jeroboam, Haman (in the time of Esther and Mordecai), those who opposed the rebuilding of the temple and walls of Jerusalem, King Zedekiah and those who opposed Jeremiah and thought they heard from God---they all presumed they had God's favor on their side.

Yup, even Miriam and Aaron who thought they should be equal with Moses.

In the New Testament, the Herods thought they called the shots. The Pharisees, law teachers, scribes and the Sanhedrin thought they had God's favor and backing. Actually, God saw them as mere sacrificial pawns good only for putting God's generals in better and more secure positions.

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Jesus, John the baptizer and the apostles all came from humble beginnings. They were faceless and nobodies compared to the king, high priests, Pilate and their ilk. They had no possessions or titles to be proud of. They had no big properties, buildings or facilities to attract people with. Yet, these were God's authentic generals whose words and actions commanded heaven's attention. What they bound and released on earth were bound and released in heaven. No title or degree or earthly stature can compete with that.

But they're not who I want to highlight here, though they were undeniably great in God's eyes. I'm referring to "other" generals in the Lord's army, those who were also faceless but impressed God with their faith. Like the woman with the issue of blood for 12 years, the Syro-Phoenician woman who got God's miracle before the proper time, the centurion who just needed Jesus to say the word of healing and the blind man who let Jesus splash a mixture of saliva and mud on his eyes. Plus many more.

We don't know their names or backgrounds---but they impressed no less than the Lord Jesus. I can imagine how the great heavenly host must've shouted in jubilation at the display of such rare and radical faith in God. And I reflect---what good would titles, degrees, high positions in church, big membership and income, and big buildings do if you can't impress God with your faith?

Why do we still bother with these non-essentials when only radical faith pleases God? The woman with long-standing blood issue had nothing of what modern churches today boast of. She didn't even pray. All she had was faith expressed in thought---if only she could touch Jesus' cloak. That's all! No overnight prayer meeting, non-stop worship or whatever gimmick they do in church today "for God." No religious fasting or long, wordy and poetic prayers either. She just had this faith-idea and pursued it and presto!

If you just have a crazy idea in your head that bolsters God's awesome powers---and really pull it off---you tickle God's heart and he makes you a general. No matter if it's not a grand idea. No matter if it's simply sneaking behind Jesus and touching his garment. Problem is, church is full of fun gimmicks and wonderful programs and attractions today but no one has the imagination to sneak behind Jesus and touch his clothes.

Generals stand far from the limelight. They often want to please God in the safety of their privacy. No grandstanding or press release. All they want is to touch God's heart. Period.

It's time for God's generals to rise up and start a real church revival that will once more turn the world upside down.

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