"..Yet in My Flesh I Will See GOD" [Job. 19.26]

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Only God and the Word in the Beginning

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"...and the Word was with God."

It's the foremost reason why we cannot afford to ignore the Word. There was nothing and no one in the beginning but God and the Word. Before anything else came to being---when there was nothing but deep black emptiness (in fact, "emptiness" and "black" didn't even exist)---there was God and the Word. The Word was already there with God.

The Word was God. So, God was with God in the beginning. Sometimes, I like to read it "In the beginning was God and God was with the Word, and God was the Word." It makes you see more how the Word takes prominence in it all. You cannot just go content in the morning with your 15-minute "devotion" if you understand this.

You'd see clearly why the Word must be meditated day and night. There's so much to know about Him that even a lifetime wouldn't suffice to cover even a third of it---even if we lived 100 lifetimes---because long before time began (or perhaps even before eternity began) the Word has already been there. And we dare just give it our 15 minutes everyday (sometimes we even miss this because of our silly hectic schedules).

God's plan in the beginning. Click here.

In the beginning, before anything else came to be, the Word was with God. And no amount of singing, dancing, musical instrument playing, choir or worship leading can make us fully appreciate that fact. Only if we take the hint from God can we absorb this truth. And the hint is, in the very beginning, God was with the Word. Just imagine---if God chose to be with the Word in the very beginning, it means nothing else mattered.

And it doesn't say that in the beginning the Word was with God and then God left. In the beginning, God was with the Word and he never left. Up to this time and day, the Word is with God, and vice versa. We should take a powerful hint from this. Nothing else can beat being with the Word from the beginning, not even your big ministry, increasing membership or church growth (which are all good). In fact, they often take us away from being with the Word.

It's so disappointing when "successful" pastors lack depth in the Word.

In one pastors' meeting I attended, they seriously talked about setting aside the Word for a while and "doing something different." They sounded like they were dead bored with the Word. Their reason? Well, young people are not that excited about the Word, so how about luring them to what excites them? It shows how far they have fallen and how far they've drifted away.

If I can't lure you with Jesus and his Word, I won't lure you to anything else. If in the beginning, God himself felt the deep need to be with the Word---and you don't---do you really think he can help you? Or, to more aptly put it, do you really think he'd want to help you? But they say sinners will not naturally come to God. So don't expect them to get excited with the Word. So we need to lure them to something else and channel them later to God.

But no one in the New Testament was lured to something else. No one was lured to concerts, sports fests, programs, activities, choir or worship team. They were lured to the Word. It's how it works. It's how God designed it. No one comes to the Father except through the Word, Jesus Christ---not through anything else.

Can you imagine the Acts church organizing a sports fest to lure young people? Or Jesus doing the same? The key is the Word, from beginning to end. Jesus is Alpha and Omega.

If you want to know how things should work, you check out their beginnings. You do some background check. What's their original design? And if you want to know about real designs and purposes in life, you go back to the beginning. And you'd find nothing in the beginning except God and the Word.

The Word was with God. You see that? Right in the beginning, the Word already clung to God. It's the Word's function---it sticks to God. You know why church gets lost along the way or often gets diverted? It belittles the Word, though it claims to hold fast to it. Pastors want to preach "biblically" and wants everything "bible-based." But they're often the first to discredit and disbelieve the Word.

They kick out a lot of truths and doctrines in the bible if those truths don't support their denominational doctrines. It's a disgusting way to treat something (and Someone) that has been there with God all along in the very beginning. They probably take Scriptures as saying, "In the beginning was denominational doctrine."

If God were to do the ministry physically on earth, he'd do it with the Word alone. And it's exactly what Jesus Christ did.

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