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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Residual Blessings in Christ 2

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Remember, we’re one body in Christ, and when Paul talked about this he, of course, referred to a “healthy” body in Christ. If every believer and church in the world believed this, the body and its parts would function as God designed them to and get their respective passive or residual blessings in Christ. All things will be balanced---if we all believe.

But an unhealthy body will cause problems. As with our physical body, unhealthy happens when a body part is abused. And “abused” means wrongly used. The liver, for instance, is designed by God to detox whatever toxins we get from eating real food. And when I say “real food” I mean food meant to feed the body. Good, healthy and natural food still contains some toxin levels, though tolerable to the liver. That’s normal.

Abnormal Body

But God didn’t design the liver to filter out synthetic chemical flavoring and other artificial ingredients (especially in bulk) on a daily basis—like when we eat fat and meat injected with steroids or any food bombarded with chemical preservatives. When this happens, the body is destroyed. Tasty and delicious food, yes, but no health benefits whatsoever. And it’s easy to see what comes of your residual blessings in Christ when this happens in the spirit.

The church, the body of Christ, is designed by God to feed on HIM and His spiritual things alone. We are designed to have a supernatural diet. The health protocol is that the body must be fed with nothing but every Word that proceeds directly from his mouth through the Holy Spirit. Nothing more, nothing less. But once we’re fed using the world’s standards and systems (and regularly at that), the imbalance and wrecking begins. Residual blessings in Christ are affected.

Misused and Abused Body

Here’s when we begin to see one body part healthy and another sick. Some parts begin to take in synthetic food or food heavily inundated with worldly ideas, systems and everything human, especially human theology, and eat more once they see they’re actually “effective” and helps “grow” their churches. And “effective” to them is anything they see growing in the physical realms---membership, income, popularity, facilities and mission outreach (or what I call franchise—they’re able to “branch out” and offer church franchise overseas).

It’s not the body of Christ growing but their own little empires. And building your own empires won’t result to residual blessings in Christ. What you get is what secular corporations and business enterprises also get—material blessings, or blessings that are seen and appreciated in the world. What men applaud for. You begin to see things as those who “take pride in what is seen and not in what is in the heart” [2 Cor. 5.12].

Remember, we should be after things that are unseen. We should fix our eyes on the unseen because they are eternal. Seen things are temporary [2 Cor. 4.18]. No residual blessings in Christ from what is seen.

“Success” Addicts

Like when a physical body builder uses artificial muscle growers and delight to see his muscles growing as he uses them. Then he recommends it to others, even saying that protein in natural food is not enough. You need unnatural protein supplements or artificial energy drinks to boost your body-building performance. And because these things are effective, a lot of people take them, too.

But later the ill effects of synthetics take their toll. We hear about body builders who develop serious heart and other health problems due to them. Sometimes they even become addicts of what they take. Are you a success addict, the success the world appreciates? God designed our physical bodies to take in only natural food, not synthetics. Yes, we’d see our physical bodies grow and our muscles bulk in size with synthetics. They’d seem “effective” so that you even become a “model” of success. But it’s fake growth. You’d see the evil side effects later when it’s too late. Spiritually, you think you’d get your residual blessings in Christ with “synthetic” church growth?

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